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Technical Strengths

High Density and Efficiency

One cabinet per site is sufficient thanks to ultra-high energy density and efficiency. The eMIMO architecture supports multiple input (grid, PV, genset) and output (12/24/48/57 V DC, 24/36/220 V AC) modes, integrating multiple energy sources into one.

Intelligent Power

Intelligent power generation: intelligent peak shaving without grid reconstruction. Intelligent power conversion/distribution: intelligent voltage boosting without changing cables. Intelligent power storage: intelligent peak staggering, cutting electricity costs. Intelligent power consumption: energy slicing for on-demand power backup.

Inclusive Power Supply with iSuperSite

Simple: up to four cabinets in parallel, PV on the cabinet top. Integrated: MIMO, ICT convergence, unified power platform. Smart: Intelligent O&M, multi-energy scheduling, and power consumption management. Reliable: N+1 air conditioners, intelligent antitheft.

High Density

High-density power supply & lithium battery with higher power density

Simplified Deployment

Intelligent peak shaving Intelligent voltage boosting

Intelligent Power Consumption

Intelligent peak staggering Energy slicing for on-demand power backup

Smart PV Deployment

Low electricity cost Low carbon emissions

Technical Specifications

Item MTS9300A MTS9000A iSuperSite
Cabinet material Steel PU PU
Dimensions (W x D) 650 mm x 650 mm 750 mm x 750 mm 900 mm x 1200 mm
Height 1000 mm/1600 mm/2000 mm 1600 mm/2000 mm 2100 mm
System capacity Max. 36 kW Max. 24 kW Max. 36 kW
Installation mode Floor-mounted/Stacked Floor-mounted/Rooftop-mounted Floor-mounted
Cooling mode Heat exchanger/Direct ventilation unit/Air conditioner Air conditioner Air conditioner
IP rating IP45, IP55 IP55 IP55
Input mode Three-phase/Single-phase/Three-live wire/Dual-live wire Three-phase/Single-phase/Dual-live wire Three-phase/Single-phase/Dual-live wire

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