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Server Power Module

Provides common redundant power supply (CRPS) and 68mm PSU for Kunpeng servers, adopts the industry-leading digital control technology and patent topology, features high efficiency, high density, digitalization and high reliability, supports hot swapping and is easy to use, complies with CE, TUV, CCC, and NRTL certifications. This type of power supply can be used in various scenarios such as servers, storage devices, MECs and video matrices.

High Efficiency

Titanium and Platinum efficiency

High Density


High Reliability

Failure rate < 300 ppm


Supporting fault warning and black box functions.

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•68mm wide server power supply •Complies with the 80 PLUS platinum efficiency standard

•68mm wide server power supply •Complies with the 80 PLUS platinum efficiency standard

•Standard CRPS for servers •Class V of CQC embedded power energy efficiency certification

•Supports the anti-supply function to report power-off module information •Support cold backup mode and hot swap

AVS Power

AVS power meets the ultra-large current power supply requirements of various processors, it integrates the DrMOS, inductor, resistance and capacitor, reducing the development period, 4mm thickness makes the thermal design easier. The module supports ultra-fast transient response and low ripple, improving power supply stability.

Ultra-high current

Up to 800A+ stable output

Ease to apply

Fully integrated, high power density

Better heat dissipation

4mm thickness, simple thermal design

Stable power supply

Transient response & low ripple

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•Steady-state output up to 800A •DrMOS, inductor, resistance and capacitor integrated into one •100μs transient response & 20mV low ripple

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