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Huawei Embedded Power continuously invests in basic power electronics technologies and strives to provide digital and modular power solutions that can be integrated by global partners.Our solutions are simple, reliable, and energy-efficient, which deliver better experience at lower TCO and facilitate industry upgrade.Huawei Embedded Power focuses on the pan-industry, pan-IT, consumer electronics, and pan-CT, and provides services for more than 170 countries and regions around the world.

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Better Experience

Lower TCO

Make Fast Charging Ubiquitous. We provide a series of high power density and compact modules that support fast charging under multiple protocols, helping partners quickly develop products and improve charging experience.

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Highly Reliable Industrial Power Supply for Stable Device Running. We provide a series of industry-leading power supply modules that are applicable to rail transportation, pan-aircraft, ship, and industrial manufacturing, helping partners and customers design more reliable, smaller, and lighter power supply systems.

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High Efficiency & Density & Reliability, Powering Green Computing. We provide high efficient, high density and high reliable CRPS, Kunpeng power modules and AVS power, facilitating the development of data center services with lower power consumption and higher computing power.

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Simplified Applications Facilitating Fast Product Development. We provide a series of AC-DC modules, DC-DC modules, and chip-based PSiP to simplify the power supply design and facilitate fast development and smooth evolution of products and solutions.

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