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FusionCol8000-E is an indirect evaporative cooling solution for large data centers. It features an integrated design and reduces the PUE. FusionCol8000-E helps data centers consume less energy by using free cooling technology. It is prefabricated and integrated with a direct expansion cooling system, making it easy to transport and fast to install. The solution helps build simple, green, smart, and reliable data centers.

NetCol8000-A/FusionCol8000-A is an in-room direct expansion cooling solution for small and medium data centers. It features flexible deployment and easy expansion. NetCol8000-A/FusionCol8000-A is equipped with a high-efficiency inverter compressor, electronically commutated (EC) fans, and an electronic expansion valve (EEV) for on-demand cooling. The simple, green, smart, reliable NetCol8000-A/FusionCol8000-A helps build next generation green data centers.

FusionCol8000-C is an in-room horizontal airflow chilled water cooling solution for medium and large data centers. It supports higher water temperature and no raised floor is required. FusionCol8000-C is part of the chilled water cooling system working with chillers, water pump, and so on. Horizontal airflow, efficient fans, and heat exchanger help deliver better, more efficient cooling to data centers.