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Modular design and prefabricated delivery cut TTM in half. One data center is built per floor, enabling on-demand deployment while reducing initial investment.


Prefabricated delivery reduces the usage of power and water for construction . Integration of smart power and cooling, SmartLi, and AI technologies reduces carbon emissions.


Features a digital design with BIM, smart delivery with digital simulation and management, and smart maintenance and operation using digital twins and AI technologies.


It can stack up to 5 floors, withstand Beaufort scale 12 winds, and resist up to Mercalli intensity 9 earthquakes. It offers a max. 50-year lifespan and complies with Uptime Tier III standards.

Technical Specifications


Product Series FusionDC1000C-IT(Fan Wall) FusionDC1000C-IT(IEC)
Max. Number of Stacking layers  5 5
Dimension of Core Module(L×W×H,mm)  12192×3495/2438×4150   12192×3495/2438×4150  
Power  Architecture  2N 2N
Input Voltage 380/400/415 V 380/400/415 V
Backup Time Lthium battery@15 minutes Lithium battery@15 minutes
Cooling Mode  Fan Wall Indirect evaporative cooling(IEC)
Air Flow Diffused air supply Diffused air supply
Aisle Containment Hot aisle containment Hot aisle containment
Raised Floor No No
Power Density  8~12 kW 8 kW

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