Home Embedded Power Pan-CT 2200W DC-DC Module

Technical Specifications


Model PDC-2200WC
Input Voltage -38V DC~-72V DC 
Output Voltage 53.5V DC 
Output Power 2200W
Dimensions(D*W*H) 485.0mm*106.5mm*41.0mm
Efficiency 94%

Recommended Products

•Efficiency up to 94% •Industrial-grade non-standard half-brick structure •NRTL, CE, and CB report certified

•Output voltage: 3.3V/5.5V/12V/23V/28V/50V •Standard 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 brick structure and non-standard 1.5 x 1/4 brick structure •High efficiency, high density, low output ripple and low noise

•Efficiency up to 96.5% •Wide-range trim voltage adjustment and remote power-on/off •Surface-mounted package and SMT processing