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FusionDC1000C is a prefabricated modular DC solution for setting up DC without building. The solution can be applied to Carrier Colo DC, Headquarter EDC, Cloud DC, AI computing center, etc. It halves the time-to-market (TTM). It integrates smart cooling and power solution with AI technologies to improve PUE and help customer build green, simple, smart and reliable DC.

FusionDC1000B is a prefabricated modular data center solution for small and medium outdoor data centers,which applies to multiple industries. Its modular design and prefabricated delivery halve the time-to-market (TTM). It integrates smart cooling, power, and O&M solutions to help customers build green and smart data centers. The solution is earthquake, wind, dust, and water-proof and can work outdoors reliably.

FusionDC1000A is a prefabricated all-in-one solution for outdoor edge DC. The solution integrates power, cooling, monitoring, firefighting, and cabinet systems into an ISO standard 40ft or 20ft module. All facilities are prefabricated and pretested in the factory, which enable plug&play deployment. It is with strong ability of earthquake/wind/dust/water-proof and support long-term outdoor running.