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Grow Plant Assets

Optimal investment

Stable running with 99.996% availability

Efficient power generation:

1% higher energy yields each year

Intelligent O&M

50% higher O&M efficiency

Maintenance Package Levels

Silver Package
  • Remote technical support:We help customers solve technical problems and rectify common faults.
  • Spare parts:We first send spare parts to customers, who then ship back faulty ones, preventing operation interruptions.
  • Upgrades:We provide remote support for upgrades, optimizing device performance.
Platinum Package
  • Terminal scanning:We proactively detect and eliminate potential faults to reduce energy losses.
  • PV module diagnosis:The Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis is adopted to automatically reduce O&M OPEX.
  • Reporting:Plant control reports provide data for energy yield analysis.
  • High-level trainings:Customer access Level-A/Level-B trainings to cultivate key technical and management skills.
Gold Package
  • On-site technical support:We help customers quickly solve in-depth technical problems to ensure plant security.
  • Emergency spare parts:We quickly deliver spare parts to resolve emergent device faults.
  • Remote training:Plant O&M staff receive remote training to improve their O&M capabilities.