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Facilitate Carriers' Shift from Energy Consumers to Energy Producers and Enablers

Jul 2, 2023

On June 30, the Green Network Summit themed "Empowering a greener future with intelligent and green sites" was held during the International Digital Energy Expo 2023 in Shenzhen. Yao Quan, President of Site Power Facility of Huawei Digital Power, delivered a keynote speech titled "Huawei Smart Energy Solutions Help Accelerate ICT Green Transformation" at the summit. According to Yao Quan, major energy consumer carriers may become energy producers and enablers in the process of green transformation. The scope of cooperation between Huawei and its carrier customers spurred by this shift will grow even larger.


Yao Quan, President of Site Power Facility of Huawei Digital PowerYao Quan, President of Site Power Facility of Huawei Digital Power


Energy Consumer: Efficient Power Consumption, Maximized Energy Efficiency, and Minimized Energy Consumption

As energy consumers, carriers need to continuously improve the energy consumption efficiency of sites, equipment rooms, and data centers, maximize energy efficiency, and minimize energy consumption. To this end, efficient sites, equipment rooms, and data centers should be constructed.

  • Efficient site: In addition to raising the energy efficiency and intelligence level of components and devices, a three-layer energy efficiency indicator management system is introduced to guarantee the highest E2E energy efficiency. More importantly, energy data of the entire network can be displayed, managed, and optimized.

  • Efficient equipment room: An outdoor iSuperSite cabinet can be deployed and serve as a new equipment room. For existing equipment rooms, an efficient and high-density indoor iSuperSite cabinet can be used to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and provide space for capacity expansion.

  • In terms of data centers, the prefabricated modular design of "FusionPower6000 3.0 + SmartLi" features footprint saving, power saving, time saving, and worry free. The indirect evaporative cooling and iCooling energy efficiency optimization technologies lower the annual PUE to 1.15.

Energy Producer: Maximize ICT Infrastructure Values Through Energy Production and Regulation

By energy producers, it means that carriers can make full use of site, equipment room, and data center space to deploy PV modules, maximizing energy yield. Meanwhile, carriers can join VPP power scheduling based on a large number of energy storage devices, unleashing site potentials and quickening green ICT transformation.

  • Huawei iSolar 2.0 solution uses the high-voltage serial connection architecture and four-in-one compact PVPU to simplify PV deployment and reduce engineering costs by 15%. An independent optimizer optimizes the performance of each PV module, reducing shading loss and increasing energy yield by 20%. The PV + ESS algorithm can increase the green electricity utilization rate to 100%.

  • For PV deployment in equipment rooms and data centers, L4 intelligent arc protection and 0.5s rapid shutdown can be implemented to deliver the highest safety level.

  • For telecom site VPP application, a high-performance telecom site VPP solution that involves large scheduling capacity and features high regulation accuracy and quick response will be required. Based on robust hardware (VPP smart gateway and VPP intelligent lithium battery), this solution is able to improve the hardware adjustment precision and response speed. More importantly, it includes Huawei's energy management platform to achieve intelligent collaboration and optimal E2E performance, meets the service level agreement (SLA) requirements of different VPP services and maximizes the revenues. In addition, devices in various scenarios on the live network can be easily added to the system.

As an energy enabler, carriers can provide digital technologies to improve management and production efficiency of the energy sector, and help build a safe, stable, and efficient energy supply system.