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Huawei Mongolia presented Digital Power Products and Solutions at the International New Energy Summit 2022

Sept 30, 2022

[Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 29, 2022 ] International New Energy Summit took place at the Corporate Hotel and Convention Centre in Ulaanbaatar on September 28-29th, Huawei participated as the co-sponsor with Euro-Asian distributor Photomate. As part of this conference, experts discussed the opportunities and challenges of renewable energy development in Mongolia and Northeast Asia as well as the structure of the energy network.



Huawei Mongolia's Digital Power expert O.Borkhuu discussed Huawei's energy sector development, including the development of innovative renewable energy and solar power technology. During the event, he highlighted how solar power plants are benefiting from energy digitization and artificial intelligence.



Moreover, he discussed how energy storage systems can be optimized in Mongolia's cold climate, as well as how solar cells and PV module optimizers can be used effectively not only for large solar power plants, but also for households, which attracted the audience's attention. Huawei has increased overall energy profitability by more than 10 percent through the development of artificial intelligence and big-data analyzes.



Michael Alekseev, Regional manager of Photomate company, Huawei VAP, and CSP in Eurasia, made an overview of subsidy policies for PV in the European markets and shared Photomate's successful experience of distribution and working with Huawei products.



O.Odsaikhan, the head of Huawei Mongolia's Digital Power Project, discussed with the industry experts about technological innovations and challenges in the area of electric energy, and answered questions from the audience.



At the conference, Huawei presented the Sun 2000 inverter series and Luna 2000 battery series, both of which are widely used in households, and Telecom green energy devices, as well discussed the benefits of efficiency and energy digitization, modular design, and final design.