Home Embedded Power Pan-CT AC Brick

Technical Specifications

Model ACG10S50CH ACG42S12CH
Input Voltage 90V AC~290V AC, 190V DC~400V DC 90V AC~290V AC, 190V DC~400V DC
Output Voltage 50V DC 12V DC
Output Power 500W 500W
Dimensions(D*W*H) 86.0mm*45.0mm*12.8mm 86.0mm*45.0mm*12.8mm
Efficiency 94% 91%

Recommended Products

•Efficiency ≥ 94% •CAN communication for control and monitoring •CE, TÜV, UL, and CB report certified

•96% peak efficiency •AC/HVDC input •CE, UL, TÜV, and CB report certified

•Efficiency ≥ 95% •I²C communication and current equalization •NRTL, TÜV, CQC, and CB report certified