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Huawei Release Ultra-High-Density Modular UPS Series

Jan 28, 2021

[Dongguan China, January 28, 2021] Huawei officially released the next-generation of large and medium-sized UPS5000-H series products online. The Ultra-High-Density Modular UPS series supports 1MW power per cabinet with ten 100kW@3U modules inside. Components in the new series are hot swappable, which makes maintenance a lot easier. Replacing the UPS modules will only take 5 minutes.


Huawei Ultra-High-Density Modular UPS Inauguration


At the launch ceremony, Mr. Li Qingwei, General Manager of the power supply domain of Huawei Digital Power Product Line, and the R&D team of the series jointly unveiled the new products.

High density, High efficiency and Intelligent

The UPS technology has changed dramatically in the past decade. Miss. Jia Shanshan, Deputy General Manager of CCID's Electronic Information Industry Research Center,  previously mentioned that the UPS technologies have driven the rapid change of market landscape with high frequency and modularization. In the coming decade, modular, high density, high efficiency, and intelligent modules are essential for the new infrastructure development.

With the new trend, the power supply and distribution system of the data center keeps on continuous innovation and development to fulfill the demands of the new era. Mr. Li Yusheng, Deputy Director of the Information Energy Institute of China Mobile Design Department, pointed out that the power supply facilities of the data center are facing challenges such as low operating efficiency, large footprint, and heavy maintenance workload. Therefore, it is essential to drive the development of power supply facilities towards high density, efficiency, and intelligence through technology evolution and product innovations.

1 MW per cabinet, 100 kW@3U

Huawei is continuously investing in the R&D and product innovation, ensuring the excellent capabilities in the UPS performance and indicators. According to Mr. Li Qingwei, Huawei Ultra-High-Density Modular UPS product series has achieved remarkable breakthroughs on the semiconductor-, module-, and system-level.


FusionPower Series-UPS5000-H SeriesFusionPower Series-UPS5000-H Series


Huawei 100 kW UPS power modules have innovative designs in terms of size, heat generation, and heat dissipation. Huawei's innovative patent technologies, such as topology pooling patents, reduce the module size by 40%, and the patented magnetic integration reduces the inductor volume by 20%. Three-level and interleaved parallel topology, advanced device optimization, and digital control technology are used to reduce the heat losses. In addition, the optimal design and clean layout of the system and components achieve ultra-high heat dissipation. The system can work at 40°C without derating for a long time, improving the heat dissipation capability by 50%.


100 kVA Ultra-High-Density Power Module100 kVA Ultra-High-Density Power Module


The increase in power module density improves the entire system density. 100kW@3U power modules provide high power density, achieving one MW for one cabinet and a system efficiency of 97.5%. This will bring ultra-high density and efficiency in data center power supply.

Unveiling the Breakthrough Technologies

It took two and a half years for the UPS5000-H series to come forth. During the technical panel discussion, the R&D team and test team of the UPS5000-H series discussed the challenges and key capabilities behind the innovation. Mr. Zhang Chuntao, chief technical engineer of the 100kW module, said that the biggest challenge is how to balance various complex factors, including volume, efficiency, cost, Design for X(DFX), and component serviceability. In addition, to meet the different voltage standard and installation scenario requirements of different countries and regions, the new series of products need to possess good flexibility and adaptability in system and architecture design.


R&D and Test Teams of Ultra-High-Density Modular UPS Launch R&D and Test Teams of Ultra-High-Density Modular UPS Launch 


With the help from Huawei 2012 Laboratories and technical experts, the teams were able to overcome the difficulties in achieving technical breakthroughs. In addition, Huawei enhanced reliability test strategies allow the products to be used in all application scenarios in China, including  coastal, humid, low-temperature, dry, and low-pressure environments.

With the strong technical capabilities, Huawei UPS products have won unanimous recognition of industry and customers. According to China UPS Market Research Report 2019-2020 released by CCID Consultant, Huawei UPS products ranked No. 1 in the overall market share in China in 2019.

The launch of full series of ultra-high-density modular UPS is not only an achievement, but also a new starting point which will revolutionize the modular power. Looking ahead, with our continuous R&D innovation and advance technical capabilities Huawei will continue to build simple, green, smart, and reliable next-generation data center power supply and solutions.