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Huawei's Customers Shine with Major Wins at W.Media's APAC Data Center Awards 2023

Dec 1, 2023

[Shenzhen, China, November 29, 2023] The W.Media Asia-Pacific Cloud & Datacenter Awards 2023 recently announced its winners in Hong Kong. Among the winners, the Globe STT CAV1 Data Center project, which utilizes Huawei Data Center Facility's innovative solutions, clinched the 'Data Center Development Award'. This award demonstrated the market's recognition of Huawei Data Center Facility's solutions in the Asia-Pacific region.


Globe STT CAV1 Data Center project clinched the 'Data Center Development Award'


The Asia-Pacific region is undergoing an accelerated digital transformation, leading to a surge in demand for data center facilities. This growth is fueled by the growing adoption of technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence. However, the construction of these facilities is met with challenges due to limited land and energy resources. This situation has created a demand for data center solutions that are green, simple, smart, and reliable to facilitate rapid and flexible business expansion.

The Globe STT CAV1 project is the first data center built by the joint venture between Globe, a leading telecommunications company in the Philippines, and ST Telemedia Global Data Centers. Faced with challenges such as rapid business launch and space constraints, they selected Huawei's data center power supply and distribution solutions, including UPS, SmartLi, and DCIM. Huawei's approach enables rapid deployment, maximizes efficiency with a high-density design, and ensures security. A key component is the SmartLi UPS solution, which cuts the power supply and distribution system's footprint by 50%, allowing for more IT cabinet deployment. It also increases system efficiency to as high as 97%, which is 2% higher than traditional solutions. The AI-powered predictive maintenance further enhances the safety and reliability of the power distribution system, ensuring stable business operations.


The Globe STT CAV1 project


In addition, Dr. Fred Ho, Chief Technology Officer at K2 Data Center, received the “Technology Leader” award for his contributions to the development of large data centers. We are excited to continue our collaboration with K2 in the Asia-Pacific region to develop more low-carbon, smart data centers, contributing to the digital economy of the region.


Dr. Fred Ho, Chief Technology Officer at K2 Data Center, received the “Technology Leader”


W.Media, a leading technology media focusing on the cloud and data center sectors in Asia-Pacific, organizes the “Asia-Pacific Cloud and Data Center Awards” to recognize and celebrate excellence in the data center industry across the region.

Green Computing Power: A Pillar for a Digital World

The 2023 China Cloud and Datacenter Convention, organized by W.Media, was recently held in Shenzhen, attracting over 500 professionals from the cloud and data center sectors globally. Huawei Data Center Facility engaged in discussions on new developments and technologies in the data center industry, focusing on emerging markets.

In a keynote titled “Building the Foundation of Green and Reliable Computing Power, Powering the Digital Era Forward,” Han Dong, CTO of Huawei Data Center Facility and Critical Power Development Department, said that applications such as generative AI and large language models have driven the explosive growth of computing power demand. It is expected that by 2030, the global general computing power will increase by 10 times and AI computing power will increase by 500 times. As a core digital infrastructure, data centers are facing huge development opportunities, as well as challenges such as high energy consumption, long construction periods, difficult operation and maintenance, and higher risk for reliability. Huawei develops innovative data center solutions for three scenarios of large data centers, small and medium data centers and critical power based on the concept of "GSSR" (Green, Simple, Smart, Reliable), building an end-to-end security line and powering the digital era forward.


Han Dong, CTO of Huawei Data Center Facility and Critical Power Development Department


Huawei views these honors as both recognition and motivation for future endeavors. Looking ahead, the company is committed to continual innovation, offering leading data center products and solutions based on technical expertise and industry insights. Huawei aims to assist the Asia-Pacific region in embracing digital transformation and intelligent computing power opportunities, collaborating to achieve a shared digital future.