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Voltage Power Compatibility

SOC Error within ±3%

Technical Specifications

Item Specifications
BCU Dimensions (X * Y * Z) 250mm*100mm*20mm
BMU Dimensions (X * Y * Z) 170mm*100mm*20mm
State Estimation Error SOC ≤ ±3%; SOH ≤ ±3%
Operating voltage range 9~16 Vdc
Total voltage detection 0~1000 Vdc,±0.5%F.S.
Cell voltage detection ±3 mV, can collect up 56-channel voltages
Cell temperature detection ±1 ℃, can collect up to 24-channel temperatures
Functional safety ISC 26262 ASIL C


Recommended Products

270kW 3-in-1 ePowertrain integrates motor control unit (MCU/Inverter), PMSM and gearbox. With a compact size and light weight, the ePowertrain could be easily deployed on NEV platforms.

The 3-in-1 11kW OBC (High-Voltage) integrates the OBC,inverter, PDU and DC/DC functions. The voltage output ranges from 400Vdc to 800Vdc. The average efficiency is above 94% with the range from 480Vdc to 800Vdc.