Home DriveONE NEV Power Domain Solution 270kW 3-in-1 ePowertrain
800V High-voltage

Intelligent Oil Cooling

Peak Efficiency 92.5%

Technical Specifications

Item Specifications
Dimension(X * Y * Z)

500.0 mm * 441.5 mm * 325 mm(±2mm)

Weight ≤91 kg
Peak Efficiency 92.5%
Operating Voltage Range 492-748 Vdc
Peak Power 270 kW @ 650 V
Peak Output Torque 3900 N·m
EMC CISPR 25  Class 3
Functional Safety ISO 26262 ASIL C

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Huawei BMS consists of BCU (Battery Control Unit) and BMU (battery monitor unit). BCU is responsible for charge & discharge management, SOX estimation, fault protection, and communication with the vehicle system. BMU is in charge of battery voltage and temperature sampling and battery balancing.

The 3-in-1 11kW OBC (High-Voltage) integrates the OBC,inverter, PDU and DC/DC functions. The voltage output ranges from 400Vdc to 800Vdc. The average efficiency is above 94% with the range from 480Vdc to 800Vdc.