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Securing a Sustainable Future ─ Huawei Digital Power Services Showcased at Intersolar 2024

Jun 19, 2024

[Munich, Germany, 19 June, 2024] Intersolar Europe 2024 took place from June 19th to 21st at Messe München in Munich, Germany. During the event, Huawei Digital Power showcased its upgraded full-lifecycle safe service system with the theme "Creating a Predictable Future with High-Quality and Safe Service." The system is designed to enhance Digital Power's safety assurance capabilities, providing long-term, stable, and reliable support for the industry.


Huawei Digital Power Services Showcased at Intersolar 2024


Zeng Yufeng, Vice President of Huawei Digital Power Global Marketing and Sales Service Dept., shared Digital Power's insights on safety and quality in his Open Speech. According to Mr. Zeng, safety and quality are always the core objectives of Huawei Digital Power. The company integrates its safety baseline into the end-to-end process, from product design, delivery, and installation to O&M assurance, while evolving from device safety maintenance to full-lifecycle safety system development. Since 2023, Huawei Digital Power has established Delivery Operation Centers (DOCs) in Romania, China, and Mexico to facilitate the high-quality installation and delivery of equipment. The DOCs verify compliance with personnel qualifications, environmental safety, and quality requirements to ensure optimal equipment performance. In addition, he highlighted the strategic significance of building the first faulty parts service analysis center in Europe, which carries out root cause analysis for faulty parts to improve product quality. He stated, "Huawei Digital Power prioritizes both quality and safety and has established strict quality standards to ensure the long-term stability and health of systems. Huawei Digital Power is confident and capable of becoming a preferred choice for customers and partners."


Huawei Digital Power Services Showcased at Intersolar 2024


To better serve European customers, Huawei Digital Power has deployed more service resources in Europe to provide more responsive service and enhance user experience. Ma Ming, Director of Huawei Digital Power European Technical Service & Operation Dept., shared the latest achievements in building local service capabilities across Europe. According to Mr. Ma, Huawei Digital Power has deployed 33 service teams, 10 country technical assistance centers, and more than 200 field service engineer teams. The first Spare Parts Repair Center in Europe has been put into operation this year. With an area of 1,600 square meters, the center provides services for more than 20 countries and regions in Europe. The repair service covers old product models in utility-scale and commercial & industrial markets, ensuring after-sales service throughout the equipment lifecycle. By leveraging its partner-centric service system, Huawei Digital Power provides all service partners with comprehensive service support, such as safety management capability building, digital management tools, technical expert support, and professional capability development. Looking ahead, Huawei Digital Power will provide more convenient and efficient services for partners to improve their operational capabilities for a more sustainable future.


Huawei Digital Power Services Showcased at Intersolar 2024


Under the global trend of carbon neutrality, Huawei Digital Power will continue innovating its partner-centric service system and building a more stable, safer, and high-quality global service ecosystem to help customers and partners achieve greater success.