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In-depth Cooperation and Communication Between Beijing Branch and Huawei Digital Energy

May 11, 2022

On May 11, 2022, President Li Tianshan (hereinafter referred to as "Eleven Technology Beijing Branch") of the Information Industry Electronics 11th Design and Research Institute Science and Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. visited Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huawei Digital Energy"). Talked with leaders such as Wang Di, Vice President of the Global Marketing and Sales Service Dept, Gao Zouping, General Manager of the Qi Pingchuan, and Tax Yu. The two sides discussed the next step of establishing a strategic partnership, leveraging their respective strengths, and strengthening cooperation in the R&D field. We will jointly build a next-generation green and low-carbon data center and have in-depth communication with each other on the solution of the source network load storage solution.



During the meeting, Li Tianshan said: Eleven Beijing has always attached great importance to its cooperation with Huawei in digital energy and has many successful cases. It hopes to explore new cooperation models in various fields, such as finance, precision manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and professional services. In addition, Eleven Beijing attaches great importance to R&D capabilities. We hope to strengthen cooperation with Huawei in the R&D field, such as the liquid cooling technology of the data center and other power systems, and make full use of the product and solution integration capabilities of the design institute to make the system more valuable.


Wang Di said: Huawei Digital Energy has always attached great importance to its cooperation with ecosystem partners and cooperated very well with 11 Technologies and History.Last year, Huawei set up the Data Center Corps. It hopes to strengthen its operations and work with ecosystem partners such as the Design Institute to make the data center industry stronger and bigger. In addition to routine technical exchanges and project cooperation, The two parties can also carry out all-round cooperation in terms of intelligent O&M and energy-saving product R&D oriented to the data center lifecycle, combination of PV and data center applications, and product and management training.



Main attendees:

From left to right: Wang Aihua, Executive Vice President of the Beijing Branch of 11 Technologies Co., Ltd., Qiao Xing, Vice President of Beijing Branch of 11 Technologies Co., Ltd., Gao Zouping, General Manager of Huawei Data Center Energy Corps for governments and large enterprises, and Qi Pingchuan, General Manager of Huawei Digital Energy Data Center in China