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Making the Most of Every Ray | FusionSolar's PV+ESS Integration Leading the Healthy Development of the Industry

Nov 2, 2023

[Shanghai, China, November 1, 2023] The 8th International Energy Storage Technology, Equipment and Application Exhibition of 2023 was officially opened in Shanghai. Advancing the theme of "Making the Most of Every Ray," Huawei Digital Power showcased its all-scenario FusionSolar Smart PV+ESS solutions and demonstrated successful global application practices.


FusionSolar Smart PV


Industry-leading Innovative Smart String Architecture

FusionSolar has led the trend of string inverters into a mainstream choice and also applies the smart string design to the energy storage system (ESS).


FusionSolar Smart PV


FusionSolar Smart String ESS is an innovative system that integrates electrochemistry, cooling, power electronics, digital technologies, and safety design. The built-in energy optimizers ensure battery packs to be fully and independently charged and discharged. Automatic SOC calibration is supported, eliminating the need for onsite O&M by experts and achieving higher comprehensive energy efficiency. Four-level active safety — with cell, electrical, structural, and fire protection — enables stable ESS operations. Pack-level optimization, rack-level management, and safety design control the inconsistency and uncertainty of lithium batteries by using power electronics technologies and implement refined management, raising the available capacity and safety standards to a higher level.

Fully Intelligent PV+Storage

FusionSolar provides a PV+ESS on/off-grid solution for the utility scenario, which brings lower levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), grid forming, safety & reliability, and digital features for customers. To address the grid challenges due to the high penetration of renewable energy, FusionSolar provides grid-forming solution based on the smart string architecture, enhancing the power grid's capability of renewable energy integration in terms of voltage, frequency, and power angle. The Red Sea Project, the world's largest micro-grid energy storage project (400 MW PV and 1.3 GWh ESS) in Saudi Arabia, uses FusionSolar's grid-forming solution to provide 100% clean power from PV and ESS for a new-generation city in the desert, that's set to receive millions of tourists from around the world every year. This project has become a benchmark for green zero-carbon cities in the future.


FusionSolar Smart PV


For commercial and industrial (C&I) users, FusionSolar provides a one-stop C&I solution of "optimizer+PV+ESS+charger+microgrid+management system". This solution focuses on five core values of active safety, optimal revenue, long-term reliability, optimal electricity cost, and simplified O&M to help various industries go green and low-carbon with sustainable business operations. In Shenzhen, China, Yotai Digital Energy uses FusionSolar C&I Smart PV solution to build a one-stop urban pilot site. Thanks to the ESS deployment, 100% PV power can be self-consumed. The site generates the annual energy yield of 120,000 kWh, saving USD14,756 in electricity costs and reducing carbon emissions by nearly 60 tons.


FusionSolar Smart PV


For residential PV scenarios, FusionSolar presents the "1+4+X" residential PV solution 4.0 (1 = Smart Energy Controller; 4 = Smart Module Controller, Smart String ESS, residential charger, and Smart PV Management System; X = home energy ecosystem). The solution offers brand-new energy use experience, worry-free one-stop services, and high safety and quality, helping users increase the PV power self-consumption rate. As a real-world example of FusionSolar's residential solution, a villa in Spain is using a 6 kW PV system, full-configuration optimizers, 10 kWh ESS, chargers, and home energy management assistant (EMMA) to improve the proportion of PV power for home appliances and achieve a self-consumption rate of nearly 100%.


FusionSolar Smart PV


Carbon neutrality has become a globally concerted action, with the energy mix becoming increasingly green and low-carbon. The penetration of renewable energy is gradually rising, bringing higher demands for the regulation capability of power systems. Therefore, as one of the important regulating resources, the large-scale development and application of energy storage are imperative. We are at the forefront of a promising industry and ready to embrace a future with great opportunities. Huawei Digital Power will continue to lead technological innovation and facilitate the healthy development of the renewable energy industry in the direction of PV+ESS integration for a greener future.