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Huawei Digital Power Helps Pisen Release Multiple Fast Charging Products, Continuously Developing Fast Charging Ecosystem

Sept 13, 2021

[Chengdu, China, September 13, 2021] Guangdong Pisen Electronics Co. Ltd. ("Pisen") and Huawei Digital Power Technologies Co., Ltd. ("Huawei Digital Power") have released a number of new products including the fast charging power cube and wall socket. These are the first batch of new fast charging products after the two sides signed an in-depth cooperation agreement in May this year, opening a new chapter in their cooperation in the consumer electronics field. This also marks an important milestone for the continuous development of the fast charging ecosystem by Huawei Digital Power.


Wu Haibin, General Manager of the Industry Cooperation Dept of Huawei Digital Power, attending the "Flash Onion" (sounds like "flash charging" in Chinese) launch event of Pisen


After signing a cooperation agreement in May 2021, Huawei Digital Power and Pisen have exchanged technologies and engineering practices, shared their development directions and product plannings, and discussed market trends in consumer electronics and digital products. The 65W fast charging cube and 45W fast charging wall socket launched by Pisen use two types of Huawei fast charging modules that support multiple protocols and devices. Both parties agree that in-depth cooperation will be carried out for more products in the future.


Fast charging products jointly launched by Pisen and Huawei Digital Power


Pisen also released the "Flash Onion" shared fast charger. During the press release, Zhao Guocheng, chairman of Pisen and founder of Flash Onion, said that based on the in-depth cooperation with Huawei, Pisen will launch a faster Flash Onion shared charger, fast charging power strip, and fast charging wall sockets in the future.

Wu Haibin, General Manager of the Industry Cooperation Dept of Huawei Digital Power, said, "We look forward to combining Huawei's technical advantages in the fast charging field with Pisen's quality products through cooperation and bringing consumers a ubiquitous fast charging experience."

Huawei Digital Power has been investing in materials and key technologies in the fast charging for consumer electronics based on its expertise in embedded power. Huawei terminal devices, which use Huawei embedded power fast charging technology, are the preferred choice for consumers. To provide consumers with a better fast charging experience in all scenarios, Huawei Digital Power leverages wired and wireless fast charging technologies to launch a variety of fast charging products with ecosystem partners, including power strips, wall sockets, treadmills, and desk lamps.