Home Embedded Power Consumer Electronics 27W Wireless Fast Charging Module

Technical Specifications

Model PDC27S18
Dimensions (L*W*H) Φ79.80mm*23.25mm
Protocol Qi BPP/EPP/SCP
Output power 5W/10W/15W/27W
Input voltage 5V DC~24V DC
Input current ≤6A

Recommended Products

•Max. 40W •Supporting SCP/WPC Qi standard and wireless charging for multiple devices •Intelligent noise reduction and intelligent identification of metal foreign objects

•Max. 65W •Supporting PD/PPS/SCP/QC 2.0 protocols for multiple brands and devices •Charging capability of any port ≥ 40W

•Max. 45W •Supporting PD/PPS/SCP/QC 2.0 protocols •Power density inceased by 275%