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Energy SaaS Ecosystem

AntoEco opens up atomic-services and data warehouses for energy industry, enbles ecosystem partners to develop SaaS applications for scenario-based solutions.

Vast market

5 major scenarios for a trillion-dollar market.

Simple & efficiency

100+ core open APIs and low-code platform, improving application development efficiency by 50%.

Online Marketplace

24/7 online transactions for global customers.

Energy aPaaS Ecosystem

Based on Huawei Digital Power's 30+ years experience in fields such as the smart PV, green ICT, and electric vehicles, we gathering partners across industry segments to encapsulate atomic service capabilities like energy big data and AI, enable partners to enhance the industry competitiveness.

Shared capabilities

Big data & AI capabilities 50+ algorithms, models, data, components.

Efficiency & convenience

Convenient API development & grayscale release, improving rollout efficiency by 20%+.

Flexible invoking

Flexible configurations with on-demand application invoking.