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Huawei FusionCharge Presents at Power2Drive Europe 2024! Jointly Charging the Road Ahead with Partners

Jun 21, 2024

[Munich, Germany, June 21, 2024] Under the motto of "Charging the Future of Mobility", the Power2Drive Europe 2024 (June 19–21) focuses on the latest industry trends, innovative products and solutions, and success stories for a sustainable and high-quality mobility world.

Global electric vehicle (EV) industry is growing rapidly,EVs are steering toward high-voltage ultra-fast charging domain. It's an industry-wide mission to promote the integration of EVs, chargers, and a power grid. However, the integration is unmatured in Europe so far. Therefore, to promote quicker uptake in the market, it's imperative that a superior-quality charging infrastructure is built on the basis of renewable energy, so that EV owners can experience optimal charging while being conveniently connected to the power grid.


Huawei FusionCharge Presents at Power2Drive Europe 2024!  Jointly Charging the Road Ahead with Partners


Open Ecosystem for Building Innovative EV Infrastructure with Partners

As a charging network solution provider, Huawei Digital Power is dedicated to integrating digital and power electronic technologies and launches the Huawei FusionCharge Solution for building fast and ultra-fast charging infrastructure and improving overall charging experience. Huawei Digital Power also works with customers and partners to accelerate the consumption and popularization of EVs, with a mission to achieve high-quality charging anywhere.

During Power2Drive 2024, Huawei invites Zebra, Ejoin, VEGA and CHARGE-V to deliver keynote speeches and discuss the trends of charging infrastructure. Based on the innovation and openness of Huawei FusionCharge Solution, its Liquid-Cooled Power Unit is compatible with charging dispensers of different partners for building innovative EV infrastructure in various charging scenarios. We are devoted to providing EV owners with an ultimate charging experience, making power grid utilization more efficient and achieving green and low-carbon travel.


Ignacio Diaz, Business Director EV Charging Network of Huawei Digital Power EuropeIgnacio Diaz, Business Director EV Charging Network of Huawei Digital Power Europe


Iban Fontcuberta,CEO & Co-Founder of VEGA ChargersIban Fontcuberta,CEO & Co-Founder of VEGA Chargers


Berkay Somali,CEO of Zebra ElektroniksBerkay Somali,CEO of Zebra Elektroniks


Martin Salomon,Sales Manager of EjoinMartin Salomon,Sales Manager of Ejoin


Full Product Family for a Sustainable Renewable Energy and EV Industry

At Power2Drive 2024, Huawei Digital Power exhibits the Huawei FusionCharge Solution and introduces the solution that integrates a PV system, energy storage system (ESS), and charging products to build high-quality charging infrastructure and facilitate the sustainable development of renewable energy and EV industry.


Huawei FusionCharge Solution

Huawei FusionCharge Solution

Huawei FusionCharge Solution


  • Huawei FusionCharge Solution can integrate with a PV system and ESS to build a grid-friendly smart network for better user experience and faster business growth

Huawei FusionCharge Solution can integrate with a PV system and ESS to provide a seamless infrastructure that is high quality, futureproof, and contains multiple benefits. The solution consists of the FusionCharge Liquid-Cooled Power Unit and charging dispensers. The maximum power of the power unit reaches 720 kW and the charging current of a single connector is 500 A. The innovative fully liquid cooling design extends the service life to 10 years and reduces the fault rate and O&M costs. The power unit adopts a power sharing matrix to save the power grid capacity and improve power utilization rate. In addition, the reserved DC bus supports smooth coupling with an ESS in the future. The synergy of PV, ESS, and charging technologies can achieve intelligent peak shaving and eliminate the need of reconstructing the power grid for capacity expansion. Customers can flexibly configure fast or ultra-fast charging dispensers as required and enjoy a smooth system evolution in the future. Generally speaking, the FusionCharge Solution helps maximize the power grid utilization, solve the bottleneck of insufficient grid power, relieve the pressure on power grid integration, and improve green power consumption to promote low-carbon mobility.


Huawei's 40 kW air-cooled charging module


  • Charging modules serve as high-quality "core" products for charging infrastructure

Huawei's 40 kW air-cooled charging module features high reliability, low noise, high efficiency, and high compatibility. Compared with traditional solutions, Huawei's charging module adopts the full potting and full isolation design for component protection, and have passed rigorous tests to ensure high reliability. The patented high-efficiency circuit topology is used to achieve an optimal efficiency at any load rates and the charging module delivers a peak efficiency of more than 96.25%. Thanks to the upgraded noise control and precise cooling design, the noise level is 8–10 dB lower than the industry average. The modular design also facilitates flexible application to various scenarios.

In pursuit of a more sustainable future, Huawei will continue to work with its customers and partners to build high-quality fast and ultra-fast charging infrastructure and improve the interconnection between the charging network and the power grid and the Internet of Vehicles (IoV). We will build an open, cooperative, and win-win ecosystem to power the future of sustainable mobility and jointly charge the road ahead.