Low carbonization, digitalization, and intelligence have become the main themes in our society. As a solid foundation for this digital world, the data center industry is booming. Building green and smart data centers to achieve carbon neutrality goal and promote the sustainable development of the entire industry is our tireless pursuit and a shared mission across the sector. As a leader in data center facility and critical power supply solutions, Huawei is willing to cooperate with global industry leaders and experts to discuss the industry trends and technological innovations of data centers to promote the rapid development of the data center industry. We are delighted to announce the Global Smart Green Data Center Summit 2023, taking place in Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia, from July 4th to 5th. During this summit, we will explore the latest trends and industrial policies, share innovative practices and technological achievements. We warmly invite industry leaders, customers, integrators, consultants, media representatives to join us in witnessing a new era of data center development. Thank you for your ongoing support. We look forward to meeting you in the beautiful grasslands of Ulanqab.
Charles Yang
President of Global Marketing, Sales and Services, Huawei Digital Power


Smart DC, Building the Green Future


(UTC+08:00)Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi
Welcome Speech
Yun Penggang
Deputy Mayor of Ulanqab
Opening Speech
Hou Jinlong
President of Huawei Digital Power
Computing Power Leads Development, Win-Win Low-carbon Smart Future
Charles Yang
President of Global Marketing, Sales and Services, Huawei Digital Power
Top 10 Data Center Development Driving Forces
Poh Seng (PS) Lee PhD
Executive Director of Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore
Ultimate Efficency,All-chain Reliability-Huawei Data Center Facility New Product Launch
Fei Zhenfu
President of Huawei Data Center Facility Domain
Huawei Cloud Data Center Best practices sharing
Teng Jianjun
Director of the Data Center Management Department, HUAWEI CLOUD
Building New Green Data Centers, Promote Low-Carbon Development of Computing Infrastructure
Shang Liang
Deputy General Manager of Planning and Construction Department of China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd
Taking Advantage of the Growing Technology Demand in Europe
Roger Sueess
CEO of Green Switzerland
Unleashing the Digital Potential : A Sustainable Path to Data Center Excellence
Carlo Malana
CEO of STT GDC (Philippines)
New Green Computing Cluster Innovative Practice Based on Integration of "Generation-Grid-Load-Storage"
Zhou Tianyu
CTO of Beijing HOYINN Technology Co., Ltd.
Fintech:Next Generation Green Reliable Financial Data Centers
Wang Guoxing
Data Center Manager of Ping An Technology
Together and Create More in Future -FusionDC Ecosystem Solution
Shui Yu
General Manager of Huawei Data Center Facility & Critical Power Consulting & Ecosystem Solution Dept


Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia
Howard Johnson Domando Plaza, Ulanqab