The rise of computing power in the digital era is not only underpinning the future of our society, but has also become essential to our daily lives. And by 2030, we'll be well on our way to the Yottabyte (YB) age.   As an important carrier of computing power, data centers gather huge volumes of digital assets and are positioned as an integral part of the new digital infrastructure. Their strategic importance as the driving force of the digital economy cannot be overstated. With the increasing demand for high density and high computing power across multiple industries, it has never been more crucial to ensure the secure and reliable operation of data centers.   Huawei Digital Power continuously innovates and works with industry peers to help data center operators and service providers build reliable, green, simplified, and smart data centers.   We are delighted to invite you to the "2024 Global Data Center Facility Summit" in Singapore on May 17. This gathering will bring together industry leaders, experts, and partners to explore policies, trends, and best practices, building green and reliable computing infrastructure.   We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to your presence in Singapore. Together, we will embrace the new era of computing power and drive the digital era forward.
Charles Yang
President of Global Marketing, Sales and Services, Huawei Digital Power


Location: Singapore
Address: Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre


Global Smart Green Data Center Summit 2023

2023 Global Smart Green Data Center Summit was held in Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia with the theme of "Smart DC, Building the Green Future."