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Pursuing green data center in harmony with the nature at Chengdu

“Framed in my window, the West Range’s ancient snows.

Moored next to my door, the far-distant Eastean’s scows.”

The scenes described in this ancient poetry is most likely the aspiration of people for their lives today.

Crossing the time and space of a millennium, can we still view the snow-capped mountains from the window as in the ancient times?

Chengdu city, China, located in the midst of mountains, the sunshine in this area is often obscured by fog. Moreover, the energy consumption and emissions generated by the work and life of millions of people make the air murkier. All of these reasons make the snowy mountains harder to see from a distance .

Not long ago, at the Chengdu AI computing center, kilometers away from the snow-capped mountains, we were able to "encounter" them.



What makes Chengdu AI computing center meet the millennium snow-capped mountains?  The answer lies in economic transformation.

As we all know, digital economy is an important engine for green and low-carbon urban development, and Chengdu's digital economy is at the forefront of China. Digital transformation has wiped away the dust and fog of the city and brought a brighter sky in Chengdu. The booming data center industry is also inseparable.

In the past two years, Chengdu has been selected as the National Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Development Pilot Area and the Chengdu-Chongqing Node of the National Integrated Big Data Center. Centering on building "one center and three platforms", Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone and Huawei are working together to build the Chengdu AI Computing Center, a world-leading next-generation AI computing platform, which will serve as the foundation for building a future intelligent world.



To achieve fast rollout and E2E life cycle low carbon, the Chengdu AI computing data center uses Huawei's prefabricated modular data center solution to integrate efficient integrated PowerPod, SmartLi, and iCooling to achieve engineering productization, product modularization, and intelligent modules.

The whole assembly equipment is prefabricated in the factory and carried out in parallel with the civil construction. The "Lego-style" fast stacking on the project site effectively shortens the construction period. Compared with the traditional construction mode, the construction period is reduced by more than 50%, and the energy consumption is reduced by 40 million kWh in 10 years, which is equivalent to reducing carbon emissions by 19,000 tons and planting 26,000 trees.



On the site of data center, the dust caused by traditional data center construction was eliminated, and construction waste was reduced by 80%. It is the low-carbon prefabricated modular construction model and the green industry carried by the AI Computing Center that allows us to view the snowy mountains and thus meet people’s aspirations.  Technology for good for benefiting the population.

In the future, the inclusive AI computing power provided by Chengdu AI computing center will be like a galloping water, full of the vast sea of AI industry, carrying thousands of applications for a wide range of industries, and drawing a bright vision for a new green and prosperous economy. Looking forwards, we not only have modern science and technology, but we also make ensure cutting edge technologies are used to preserve the nature and to meet people aspiration of living in harmony with the nature.