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Home Data Center Facility & Critical Power Prefabricated Modular DC FusionDC1000A

All facilities are preinstalled into one ISO standard module and pretested in the factory. One data center is built per module, enabling plug-and-play deployment in just one day.


Hot aisle containment and integration of smart cooling, and power enable low carbon emission.


The intelligent system ensures 3D visualization and digital management of facilities and intelligent O&M and facilitate unattended operations.


The enclosure offers a lifespan of 25 years. It can resist GR-63-CORE Zone3 earthquakes and withstand scale Beaufort 12 winds.

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Technical Specifications


Product Series FusionDC1000A-IT(40ft) FusionDC1000A-IT(40ft) FusionDC1000A-CT(20ft) FusionDC1000A-ICT(20ft) 
Dimension of Prefabricated Module(L×W×H, mm)  12192×2438×2896  12192×2438×2896  6058×2438×2896  6058×2438×2896 
Power  Architecture  2N N+X 2N or N+X 2N or N+X
Input Voltage 380/400/415 V 380/400/415 V 380/400/415 V 380/400/415 V
Backup Time

Lthium battery@20 minutes

lithium battery@15 minutes

Lithium battery, 2–4 hours of single-side power backup① 

Lithium battery, 3 hours of single-side power backup

Cooling Mode  In-row DX In-row DX Intelligent heat exchanger Intelligent heat exchanger
Power Density  9 kW 6~9 kW / /
Number of Cabinet 6 8 No  No
Max. IT/CT Power 54 kW  54 kW  8/16/24 kW  18 kW 

① The backup time dependce on the configuration

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