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Home Data Center Facility & Critical Power Products

NetEco6000 is a local smart management system for data center infrastructure. The system is widely used by governments, financial services industry (FSI), Internet service providers (ISPs), and more. It serves multiple functions, such as 3D view, device monitoring, mobile app, video viewing, automatic O&M, and intelligent operation to improve O&M efficiency and resource usage while reducing O&M costs.

iCooling@AI is a system-level AI energy efficiency optimization solution for large DCs. It uses an intelligent control system to replace traditional manual adjustment and uses massive data analysis and AI algorithms to reduce PUE, continuous self-optimization, real-time updating of cooling policies, and system-level optimization, the DC PUE can be effectively reduced by 8% to 15%.

The edge data center management system (EDCM) is a cloud management system that provides remote monitoring and O&M for edge data centers from education, healthcare, and so on. It serves multiple functions, such as GIS map, device monitoring, app, video viewing, and alarm pushing, to improve remote O&M efficiency and reduce O&M costs. You can remotely monitor the information about multiple edge data centers managed by the system.