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Huawei Wins Four Major Data Center Awards at DCS Awards 2023

May 25, 2023

[London, UK, May 25, 2023] The DCS Awards Gala was held in London to celebrate a host of impressive achievements in the data center industry. Huawei won four awards at this prestigious event: Data Centre Facilities Vendor of the Year, New Design/Build Data Centre Project of the Year, Data Centre Power Innovation of the Year, and Data Centre Cooling Innovation of the Year. These awards speak to the remarkable reputation Huawei's portfolio of data center facility products, solutions, and services has earned throughout the industry.

DCS Awards is a flagship event for the data center industry, attracting nearly 200 enterprises every year. This year, 32 awards were set up to reward innovative projects and products, as well as excellent vendors and individuals in the data center industry.

Partnership for Shared Success in the Data Center Market

Based on the innovative Green, Simple, Smart, and Reliable (GSSR) concept, Huawei has developed scenario-specific solutions for large data centers, small- and medium-sized data centers, and critical power supply. The solutions aim to provide reliable support for customers and partners to build a solid foundation that enables digital and intelligent transformation across multiple industries.

With its advanced products and solutions, innovative technologies, and high-quality services, Huawei has been recognized by customers and the judge panel and awarded the "Data Centre Facilities Vendor of the Year" for four consecutive years. Huawei data center facility solutions have been widely used by carriers, Internet service providers (ISPs), governments, and other players in sectors like transportation, finance, and manufacturing. Huawei has delivered more than 1,000 large-scale data center projects worldwide with a total of more than 1.8 million racks.


Huawei wins the Huawei wins the "Data Centre Facilities Vendor of the Year" award


As the data center leader in Switzerland, Green is constantly acting with customer focus, delivering fast innovation, highest quality, and best energy efficiency. Green is building with its Metro Campus Zurich a new leading data center location for cloud providers and enterprise customers, thus moving one step closer to the vision of establishing Switzerland as Europe's leading data hub. Green chose Huawei's innovative SmartLi UPS with higher efficiency and density to achieve an exceptionally sustainable data center. Green won the DCS Award 2023 for "New Design/Build Data Centre Project of the Year".


Green wins the Green wins the "New Design/Build Data Centre Project of the Year" award


Constant Innovation for Stronger Competence and Excellence

Compute is a new fuel. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been developing fast, and that development has been driving exponential growth in demand for compute, but all that computing power takes a lot of energy. In response to the call for carbon neutrality, high-efficiency and energy-saving technologies, products, and solutions are needed to build green data centers with lower power usage effectiveness (PUE) values. Huawei developed the PowerPOD 3.0 Solution and Indirect Evaporative Cooling Solution based on its continuous R&D investments and established substantial technical strengths. Thanks to the high-efficiency power supply and green cooling, the solutions were, respectively, awarded the "Data Centre Power Innovation of the Year" and "Data Centre Cooling Innovation of the Year".


"Data Centre Power Innovation of the Year" award for Huawei PowerPOD 3.0 Solution"Data Centre Power Innovation of the Year" award for Huawei PowerPOD 3.0 Solution


Huawei PowerPOD 3.0 uses end-to-end integration and optimization of key nodes to connect a row of cabinets on a single power line. This allows the number of cabinets needed to be reduced from 22 to 11, reducing the footprint by 40%. When the system runs in S-ECO mode, it delivers an efficiency up to 97.8% compared with a conventional value of 94.5%, which means a 60% decrease in energy consumption. Prefabricated busbars are used and core components are prefabricated and pre-commissioned in the factory, shortening the delivery period from 2 months to 2 weeks. In addition, iPower enables predictive maintenance, making the solution a preferred choice for the power supply at large data centers.

China Transport Telecommunications & Information Center (CTTIC) uses the Huawei PowerPOD solution to power its cloud business in Shanghai. The solution reduced the footprint by 750 m2, leaving space for deploying 350 more IT racks. Busbars are used to replace cables, which means more than 16,000 meters of cables are no longer needed. The busbars are prefabricated in the factory and can be delivered in just two weeks, and AI implements predictive maintenance, comprehensively improving the safety and reliability of the power supply system.


Huawei Wins Four Major Data Center Awards at DCS Awards 2023


"Data Centre Cooling Innovation of the Year" award for Huawei Indirect Evaporative Cooling Solution


Huawei Indirect Evaporative Cooling Solution maximizes the use of free cooling sources, allowing it to run on 60% less water and power than a chilled water system. The solution integrates cooling and power supply, combining heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) functions. It provides a single system in a single container with equipment pre-integrated and pre-installed in the factory, cutting the delivery period in half. iCooling energy efficiency optimization diagnoses energy consumption in real time. Then, it infers and delivers an optimal cooling policy, effectively reducing the CLF by 10%. With maximal energy conservation and easy O&M, the solution is a preferred choice for cooling large data centers.

A large data center in Ireland uses Huawei Indirect Evaporative Cooling Solution for year-round free cooling. The solution halves the delivery period and reduces the PUE value to 1.15, saving more than 14 million kWh of electricity each year.


"Data Centre Cooling Innovation of the Year" award for Huawei Indirect Evaporative Cooling Solution


Honor means both recognition and encouragement. These four awards demonstrate the industry's recognition of Huawei's strength in the data center facility field. Looking ahead, Huawei will keep innovating and develop greener, simpler, smarter, and more reliable products and solutions to drive low-carbon development of the data center industry with customers and partners.