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Home Data Center Facility & Critical Power Smart Cooling FusionCol8000-E

The integrated design halves the TTM thanks to pre-installation and pre-testing in the factory. Self-diagnosis enables fast and easy O&M. Hot swappable key components are easy to maintain


Free cooling is enhanced with a high-efficiency heat exchanger. EC fan and inverter compressor adjust cooling capacity seamlessly. Wet film humidifier saves energy


iCooling smart energy-saving optimization lowers the cooling load factor (CLF). The system also offers optional water- and power-saving modes. Plus, it matches IT load changes in real time by linking between cooling and power


The system uses dual power supply and remains stable under many conditions, supporting outdoor temperatures down to –40°C. Indoor and outdoor air are isolated to prevent contamination

Technical Specifications

Model FusionCol8000-E260
Total Cooling Capacity 260 kW
Sensible Cooling Capacity 260 kW
Air Supply Mode Horizontal flow
Air Flow Indoor: 60000 m3/h
Outdoor: 65000 m3/h
Input Voltage 380~415 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 3Ph+PE
Dimensions (W×D×H, mm) 4700×2438×3600

Rated operating conditions: return air temperature 38°C, supply air temperature 25°C; outdoor dry bulb temperature 35°C, wet bulb temperature ≤ 27°C, and external static pressure (ESP) 150 Pa.

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