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Huawei's FusionModule2000 6.0 Contributes to the Academic and Scientific Research of Northeast Forestry University

Northeast Forestry University (NEFU) is an institution in China that gathers forestry talent and thrives on related academic research projects. Since its establishment in 1952, NEFU has developed an educational philosophy of "nurturing students through forestry science and the forest itself" and stayed committed to the construction of ecological civilization.Although the tide of times never ceases its rolling, NEFU keeps forging ahead on its own path. As its motto goes, "Into the law of nature we shall delve, and by the law of nature we shall conduct."


Northeast Forestry University (NEFU)


Today, NEFU has emerged as one of China's "double first-class" universities with forestry as its edge and forestry engineering as its feature. In the era of carbon neutrality, NEFU, with the help of digital technology, continues to deepen innovation in academic research and carry out corresponding practices and to promote the digital transformation of its educational approaches, as part of its contributions to China's goals in carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.


Northeast Forestry University (NEFU)


As one of NEFU's key projects, the Big Data R&D Center for Ecosystem is driven by carbon sink big data and aims to address major scientific issues about carbon sink measurement and assessment implicated by the carbon neutrality goal. It strives to increase carbon sinks by strengthening the carbon sequestration capacity. And to better tackle related technical challenges, great urgency is placed on the construction of software and hardware infrastructure for the basic data service platform of the big data R&D center. Therefore, NEFU cooperates with Huawei Digital Power to build a green and intelligent modular data center with Huawei's FusionModule2000 6.0, providing a foundation for the measurement and assessment of both carbon reserves and carbon sinks.



Integrated and Modular Design Simplifies Deployment


Huawei's FusionModule 6.0 Contributes to the Academic and Scientific Research of Northeast Forestry University


Huawei's next-generation FusionModule2000 6.0 is a preferred one-stop solution for small and medium-sized data centers. It integrates the power supply, cooling, cabinet, aisle, cabling, and intelligent management systems. The fully modular design simplifies installation and facilitates deployment, which manifests Huawei's green, simple, smart, and reliable (GSSR) design philosophy. From the arrival of FusionModule2000 6.0 at NEFU, it took only seven days to complete the installation and commissioning.

Continuous Cooling Architecture: One Link for Dual Purposes Ensures Uninterrupted Services


Huawei's FusionModule 6.0 Contributes to the Academic and Scientific Research of Northeast Forestry University


Heilongjiang Province has witnessed rapid economic growth in recent years, but it has also placed growing demand on the power supply, which in turn exerts a great impact on a data center operating at a high frequency. The one-link dual-purpose architecture of Huawei's FusionModule2000 6.0 features continuous cooling that ensures the stable running of the cooling system and prevents partial hot spots caused by an abnormal power supply. With innovative components and an integrated architecture, users can switch between IT mode and cooling mode according to their realities.

Simplified O&M: Mobile Intelligent Management, Automatic Site Operation


Huawei's FusionModule 6.0 Contributes to the Academic and Scientific Research of Northeast Forestry University


To address O&M difficulties, Huawei's smart modular data center solution offers the iManager-M function, which, based on Huawei's cloud-based full-stack data center capability, alleviates any concerns that users may have on hardware deployment, equipment inspection, fault locating, and onsite maintenance. By one-click code scanning, users can realize 24/7 mobile O&M through the i-Manager platform. Furthermore, the solution performs in-depth health check on the data center every month, identifies potential risks of 20+ kinds, provides troubleshooting guidance, and submits requests for repair, simplifying data center O&M in an all-around manner.

Huawei's FusionModule2000 6.0 serves as a solid digital foundation for NEFU in building a teaching paradigm driven by ecological big data. Based on the next-generation data center, the Big Data R&D Center for Ecosystem of NEFU, assisted by the storage and computing capabilities of the cloud platform, expands its performance and improves its capacity of processing massive data flows. It enables the university in terms of both related forestry science research of higher requirements and a practical platform for students of related majors. Besides, the massive data and information carried by the platform also provide teachers with rich teaching materials. Real-time data collection and digital twinning with physics-related forestry offer students with customized learning approaches by formulating a course system adaptive to different needs. Moreover, Huawei's FusionModule2000 6.0 will also benefit NEFU in the construction and scientific researches related to forestry, material science, wildlife protection, smart forestry, smart agricultural and forestry equipment, and other majors in the context of big data.

Driving smart education with big data is an essential part of China's national informatization strategy. As is emphasized in the New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan issued by China's State Council, to accelerate the construction of smart education, we should utilize intelligent technology to upgrade the talent cultivation model and boost the reform of educational approaches, therefore building an education system highlighted by smart learning and interactive learning.

As a Chinese saying goes, “The journey ahead may be long and arduous, but with relentless pursuit, we will usher in a bright future.”

Huawei Digital Power will continue its leading role in the energy sector through technological innovation and take an active part in digital transformation to shape the future of smart education.