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Home Data Center Facility & Critical Power Smart Power Supply UPS5000-H

Hot swappable power module, bypass module and control module simplify maintenance and expansion in 5 minutes. Top bus way prefabricated design, reducing on-site installation time by 60%


1 MW, 1 rack, saving the footprint by 50%. Online mode: 97% system efficiency, high efficiency at light-load. S-ECO mode: 99.1% system efficiency


iPower pre-warnings for key components by AI method. Source sharing of main input and battery achieves intelligent peak shaving


Redundant architecture eliminates single point of failure. 0ms mode transferring between. S-ECO and other modes S-ECO mode active filtering, optimal power quality

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Technical Specifications


Series  UPS5000-H(400 V)  UPS5000-H(208 V)  UPS5000-H(480 V)   UPS5000-H(210 V)  
Capacity 400/500/600/800/1200/1600 kVA 300 kVA 800 kVA 200 kVA
Input Voltage 380/400/415 V  200/208/210 V 480 V 200/210/220 V
Module Specifications 100 kW/3U  50 kW/3U 100 kW/3U 50 kW/3U
Output Power Factor 1 1 1 1
Efficiency (Double Conversion Mode) up to 97% up to 94.5% up to 97% up to 94.5%
Dimensions (W×D× H, mm)

400/500/600 kVA :800×1000×2000

800 kVA : 1600×1000×2000 

1200 kVA :1600×1000×2200

1600 kVA :2400×1000×2200

800×1000×2000 1600×1000×2000 600×1000×2000

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