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Huawei & China Mobile Hangzhou and China Mobile Design Institute Set New Benchmark for Low-Carbon Site Power Solutions

Jan 27, 2022

The digital transformation through ICT technologies such as 5G, AI, and cloud computing improves productivity and efficiency, and helps reduce carbon emissions and realize carbon neutrality. To keep up with this trend, telecom carriers need to continuously develop ICT infrastructure while improving the energy efficiency of telecom networks and reducing carbon emissions.



As a fundamental, strategic, and leading industry in a nation's economy, ICT industry plays an increasingly important role in stimulating economic and social development. In 2021, People's Posts and Telecommunications (a leading media in China's communications industry) publicly solicited excellent ICT cases and published them recently. The "1 for 6 + PV deployment" project built by Huawei, China Mobile Hangzhou, and China Mobile Design Institute was rated "Leading Project for Carbon Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality" by the newspaper. The solution applied in the project effectively improves the site energy efficiency and reduces carbon emissions, facilitating green and low-carbon network power facilities.

The project is located in Herui International Science and Technology Plaza in Hangzhou High-tech Development Zone (Binjiang). In August 2021, the iSuperSite solution was adopted and the power supply, devices, and batteries originally distributed in six cabinets were integrated into one, saving 80% of floor area for the Huawei Smart PV system. The energy yield of the PV system is 20% higher compared with a traditional PV system and it greatly reduces the grid power consumption. It is estimated that after the reconstruction, there is a 58% (around CNY 13,000) reduction in electricity cost, 75% reduction in O&M cost, and 8 ton reduction in carbon emissions. The site was then selected as a green and energy-saving demo site by China Mobile Zhejiang as part of its carbon emission reduction campaign.



The iSuperSite solution is proving to be an effective way to build simplified, intelligent, and green networks. In the future, China Mobile, China Mobile Design Institute, and Huawei will continue to cooperate to build green and low-carbon networks and shoulder the responsibility of reducing carbon emissions and realizing carbon neutrality.