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Huawei offers a wide range of maintenance service solutions that accelerate troubleshooting, reduce network risks, and increase O&M efficiency. (1) Proactive call-home service assurance and no attendance required (2) 24/7 online expert services and quick response to spare parts and on-site service requests (3) On-site maintenance guidance, annual maintenance reporting, and multi-dimensional O&M consulting (4) Online health checks, on-site in-depth inspection, and proactive prevention and mainte

Energy Saving

We use iCooling — the industry's first mature commercial AI-based energy saving solution Our solutions integrate energy efficiency at the system level and reduce power consumption by 8% to 15%. (1) iCooling: Industry's first commercial AI-based energy saving solution (2) Transition from traditional to intelligent cooling using online training and inference (3) omprehensive energy-saving solution based on software optimization, system upgrade, and PV and ESS

O&M Enablement

O&M consulting | Certification training | Process design | O&M planning | Platform deployment | O&M enablement Huawei has rich experience in data center O&M using ITIL and Uptime O&M methodologies. Based on these, we have developed a standardized O&M management system to help customers build O&M organizations and manage processes. The result is high availability, efficient, and intelligent O&M.

Training and Certification

Career certification | Professional certification Huawei has launched a data center facility talent development program, which offers comprehensive and authoritative HCIx-DCF certification. We have also developed several iMOOCs to introduce typical processes in data center facilities, helping professionals upskill.

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