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Making the Most of Every Ray | Huawei Philippines FusionSolar Summit 2023 drives innovative change and potential developments to the Solar Industry

May 31, 2024

Huawei Digital Power Philippines hosted its FusionSolar Summit 2023 on October 12, 2023, which discussed the state of renewable energy and its policies in the Philippines, valuable insights towards the latest technology and market trends in renewable energy, potential developments and innovations that could capitalize on newfound energy opportunities, the C&I and Residential sectors in the Philippines, and much more. Over 200 esteemed guests registered and attended the event, composed of industry leaders, technical experts, politicians, associations, and partners.


Numerous policies, strategies, and plans have been underway to develop and strengthen the state of renewable energy in the Philippines. Among these include the plan for the National Renewable Energy Program from 2020-2040, 2022 Power Statistics, and Major RE Policies and Programs. Different scenarios were revealed on the topic of energy transition and industry transformation, highlighting the need for increased supply (security, reliability, and diversity) while also managing demand. In addition to this, an emphasis was also given towards the best practices and common errors when installing a Solar PV setup. To ensure that common mistakes have a less frequent occurrence, the PV codes and standards references and applications were also highlighted, explaining the proper practices to be followed when installing a Solar PV setup. Context was given towards the state of microgrids in the Philippines, with the country having a very sustainable Energy Storage Services (ESS) business model for island electrification and ancillary services, giving the opportunity for developments in the battery energy storage system design.


An overview of Huawei Digital Power’s strategy was also highlighted, giving an emphasis towards the value of providing timely and professional services through remote support, local service teams, and spares management. Its FusionSolar Residential Smart PV solution was explained, revealing it as the premier green energy solution for one’s home. Valuable information regarding solar statistics and projects were revealed, providing opportunities for innovative growth and development in the industry. This was supported by the effectiveness of Huawei’s inverters and beneficial impacts to the environment, highlighting its high efficiency, smart string management, integrated MPPT, compact design, safety features, and much more. In terms of the microgrid solution, it was emphasized that battery installations typically come with problems such as safety risks, lower usable energy, high failure rate, and complex O&M. To combat this, Huawei’s microgrid solution integrates power electronics technologies to provide a one-stop, safe, and smart PV+ESS+Cloud solution. The Huawei Certified Installer Program was also revealed, highlighting the process for becoming a certified installer and the benefits that can be attained through gathering rewards points.


“Our vision is to bring digital power into all industries, thousands of islands, millions of households, and work together to build a green digital Philippines.” – Cody Guo, Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Digital Power Philippines.