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Huawei SmartLi UPS: A Green, Uninterrupted Power Solution for Critical Equipment

Oct 7, 2023

In our fast-paced digital world, businesses heavily rely on stable and uninterrupted power to protect critical information and ensure operational continuity. A power disruption, whether in a semiconductor factory production line or during a critical surgery in a hospital, can lead to catastrophic outcomes in terms of both financial loss and potential life-threatening risks.

These scenarios underscore the need for a reliable power supply solution for critical systems, with Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems emerging as a top choice. With the rapid evolution of industries and their power needs, spanning from rail transportation to precision manufacturing, the call for an efficient, compact and cutting-edge UPS has never been more urgent. Such a UPS is designed to protect your mission-critical equipment while contributing to a reduced carbon emissions.

So, amidst a sea of UPS options in the market, how do you choose the right one?

Why Huawei SmartLi UPS stands out?

Compared with the traditional high-frequency tower-type UPSs or those powered by lead-acid batteries, Huawei's SmartLi UPS emerges as the prime choice to address modern-day critical power challenges. Here's what sets it apart:


Huawei UPS


  • High efficiency: Huawei's SmartLi UPS boasts an efficiency of up to 97.8%- outstripping its traditional counterparts by 1%. When switched to S-ECO mode, its efficiency skyrockets to 99.1%. The 0ms transfer time between modes guarantees continuous business operations online. As a result, SmartLi UPS can potentially save business owners at least $2.5 million in electricity costs over a decade.

  • High density: With the ability to deliver 1MW in one cabinet, SmartLi UPS reduces the footprint by at least 50% when compared to industry-standard lead-acid UPS. For example, a 12 MW data center can deploy 200+ cabinets, translating to rent savings of $2.8 million —a substantial saving by any standard.

  • High reliability: Thanks to its modular design, SmartLi UPS supports a rapid 5-minute hot-swappable maintenance. Its iPower intelligent feature offers a one-year advance prediction on the lifespan of crucial components, such as fans and capacitors, thereby shifting from passive maintenance to AI proactive, predictive O&M.

Beyond these features, SmartLi UPS, with an extended battery life, facilitates remote monitoring and management, optimizes energy consumption, and significantly reduces maintenance costs.

Real-world Impact

Huawei's SmartLi UPS has demonstrated its effectiveness in delivering reliable power across diverse sectors like carriers, governments, finance, and manufacturing, driving them towards enhanced energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint.

A case in point is noris network, a leading IT service provider in Nuremberg, Germany, adopted Huawei's SmartLi UPS for its data center, resulting in a 70% space reduction and a 35% decline in total cost of ownership (TCO), setting a new standard in both sustainability and efficiency.

In a world where every second of downtime can translate to significant financial loss or even endanger lives, having a robust, reliable, and having efficient UPS is a necessity. Huawei's SmartLi UPS ensures that your critical equipment operation remain uninterrupted and nudges your business toward a greener future.

Power your business with the best. Experience the Huawei SmartLi UPS difference today: