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Huawei Digital Power Joins CharIN to Promote EV Charging Infrastructure in Europe

Jun 24, 2022

[Oslo, Norway, June 15, 2022] Huawei Digital Power has officially joined the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN) at the 35th International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS35). As part of the initiative, Huawei Digital Power is committed to promoting the development of charging infrastructure, enhancing the experience of electric vehicle (EV) users in Europe and around the world.


Huawei Digital Power Joins CharIN to Promote EV Charging Infrastructure in Europe


To curb climate change, the EU aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. For this, clean energy and e-mobility are two key measures to gradually reduce fossil fuel dependence and lower carbon emissions in the transportation sector.

CharIN, a non-profit association for EV charging, predicts that there will be between 40 and 60 million battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in Europe by 2030, and the penetration rate of electric trucks will exceed 20%. However, EV penetration largely depends on charging convenience and consumer confidence.

"Consumers' willingness to switch to electric vehicles on a large scale is a prerequisite for the smooth progress of transportation electrification, and the charging experience directly affects consumer confidence. Therefore, we must reduce the fragmentation of experience caused by differences between different regions and products to maximize the utility of infrastructure. During the official announcement of Huawei´s membership at the Huawei booth at EVS 35, CharIN´s Executive Board Member Michael Keller said: "We are very pleased to welcome Huawei Digital Power in our CharIN alliance. CharIN will continue to support its members to produce their products and provide their services under unified standards such as CCS and MCS based on ISO/IEC 15118 to improve interoperability and to speed up the process of transport electrification."

"Huawei Digital Power develops innovative technologies by integrating power electronics and digital technologies, helping global customers shift to e-mobility using our DriveONE and FusionCharge platforms. We are honored to be part of this important task with CharIN as well as to share our insights on e-mobility." said Bob He, President of Huawei Western Europe Digital Power.

At EVS35, Huawei Digital Power also launched its FusionCharge 40 kW DC Charging Module. This reliable, low-noise, and highly efficient charging module is expected to become the core of electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities. Huawei Digital Power will continue building a better future with global partners through technology and innovation.

About CharIN

The Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN) is the largest global association focused on the electrification of all forms of transportation based on the seamless and interoperable charging experience enabled by the Combined Charging System (CCS) and the Megawatt Charging System (MCS). CharIN represents over 280 leading e-mobility stakeholders from the entire EV charging value chain. It is open to all interested parties. Please find more information at