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Huawei AI BMS Wins Auto Industry Influential Innovation Award

Oct 20, 2021

On October 18, 2021, the Third Gasgoo Awards ceremony was held at the 9th Automotive and Environmental Innovation Forum and the 13th Global Automotive Industry Summit. The event was held by Gasgoo, a Shanghai-based automotive information service platform, where distinguished experts in the industry shared their insights. After 172 days of online voting and panel review, AI BMS of Huawei DriveONE was awarded "Influential Innovation in China Auto Industry 2021."



This award commends new technologies that help reduce costs and improve efficiency, specifically innovations that fuel the intelligent development of electric automobiles. Advances in electric vehicles are hindered by issues such as lack of fault warnings and inaccuracies in battery health and lifespan. Traditional battery management is no longer adequate for car makers and users. In response, Huawei DriveONE releases AI BMS to provide safety warning, precise alarm, and intelligent management through device + cloud + AI collaboration to help manage tens of millions of vehicles and ensure their safety.


AI-powered Battery Safety Assurance

Safety Warning, Precise Alarm, Intelligent Management

Huawei AI BMS

Third Gasgoo Awards

Auto Industry Influential Innovation


1.Safety Warning:

Exclusive thermal runaway warning 24 hours in advance. The mechanism algorithm and machine learning algorithm are coupled and iterated into a model, issuing warnings of thermal runaway, battery inconsistency, and overtemperature 24 hours in advance. The recall rate of the model is greater than 90%, and the false alarm rate is less than 0.1%/month.

2.Precise Alarm:

Patented algorithm to detect cell faults and generate alarms. The Huawei-patented internal short circuit and consistency algorithm sounds alarms specific to each fault, helping users with on-demand maintenance.

3.Intelligent Management:

Evaluation of battery health status and prolonging battery lifespan. Powered by the ultra-large computing and storage capacity on the cloud and expertise in battery management, Huawei AI BMS constructs cloud state of health (SOH) and remaining useful life (RUL) algorithms to pinpoint SOH and remaining lifespan. It also identifies key lifespan indicators using big data, and adjusts the battery control policies to extend lifespan.



Huawei DriveONE plans to further develop cloud-based solutions for the three core components (OBC, BMS, MCU) of new energy vehicles and provide fault warning at the component level and lifecycle SOH and lifespan management. Through these solutions, Huawei aims for safe and green driving for all.