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Home Data Center Facility & Critical Power Smart Modular DC FusionModule2000

Modular design, one module one DC, on-demand deployment and flexible expansion


Hot and cold airflow isolation, improving energy efficiency by 30%; Pumped refrigerant free cooling @iCooling automatic optimization, ultimate annual average PUE 1.111@ Beijing;


iManager, Space, Power, Cooling capacity, and asset visualized management,resource utilization increased by 20%


iPower, visualization of power supply chain, fault auto-locating, and auto shutdown for proactive protection, 7*24h uninterrupted protection

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Technical Specifications






Input Voltage 

380 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 3Ph+N+PE

208 Vac , 60Hz, 3Ph+N+PE

380 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 3Ph+N+PE

Rack Quantity

Dual-row: ≤ 48; single-row: ≤ 24

Dual-row: ≤ 48; single-row: ≤ 24

Single-row: ≤24

IT Load

≤ 310 kW

≤ 170 kW

≤ 310 kW

Aisle Containment 

Cold or hot aisle containment

Cold or hot aisle containment

Hot aisle containment or cold and hot aisle containment

Dimensions(L x W x H, mm)


Single-row cold/hot aisle containment:
Lx2400x2410, L ≤ 15 m
Lx2300x2410, L ≤ 15 m
Lx2400x2610 , L ≤ 15 m
Dual-row cold/hot aisle containment (L x W x H):
Lx3600x2410, L ≤ 15 m
Lx3400x2410, L ≤ 15 m
Lx3600x2610, L ≤ 15 m

Single-row cold/hot aisle containment:
L×2400×2410, L ≤ 15 m

L×2300×2410, L ≤ 15 m
Dual-row cold/hot aisle containment:
L×3600×2410, L ≤ 15 m

L×3400×2410, L ≤ 15 m

Hot aisle containment:
Lx1350x2000, L ≤ 15 m
Cold and hot aisle containment:
Lx1600x2000, L ≤ 15 m

Operating Temperature




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