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Home Data Center Facility & Critical Power Smart Power Supply UPS5000-A

Automate the power supply and distribution system’s inspection with intelligent network management that monitors information in real time.


Save costs with an energy consumption Efficiency up to 96%,reducing the power consumption of the UPS and cooling equipment


Advanced CFD technology, accurate analysis of heat dissipation, precise control of supply air size and target area


138–485 V AC ultra-wide input voltage range and 40–70 Hz ultra-wide input frequency range, adapting to harsh power grid environments

Technical Specifications


Series UPS5000-A(30/40 kVA) UPS5000-A(60 kVA) UPS5000-A(400 kVA) UPS5000-A(500 kVA) UPS5000-A(600 kVA)
Capacity 30/40 kVA 60 kVA 400 kVA 500 kVA 600 kVA
Input Voltage 380/400/415 V  380/400/415 V  380/400/415 V  380/400/415 V  380/400/415 V 
Module Specifications 0~40 °C 0~40 °C 0~40 °C 0~40 °C 0~40 °C
Output Power Factor 1 0.9 1 1 1
Efficiency (Double Conversion Mode) up to 95.7% up to 95.7% up to 95.7% up to 95.7% up to 95.7%
Dimensions (W×D×H, mm) 264×800×500 440×850×1020 1200×850×2000 1200×850×2000 1400×850×2000

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