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Huawei Promotes Smart and Green Data Center in South Korea

Mar 22, 2022

[Seoul, South Korea, March 22, 2022]  Huawei Korea IDC Power Summit 2022 was recently held in Seoul, South Korea, aiming to promote the development of low carbon and smart data centers. This year's summit, with a theme of "Smart DC, Building the Future", brought together many experts, thought leaders, and ecosystem partners to discuss the latest innovations and future trends of the Korean IDC industry and how to optimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) during a data center's lifecycle.


Mr. Sun Luyuan, CEO of Huawei Korea


In his keynote speech, Mr. Sun Luyuan, CEO of Huawei Korea, said, "Huawei is an important ICT industry player in Korea. By leveraging its deep understanding of and technological advantages in the sector, Huawei joins hands with clients and partners to establish low carbon and smart data centers for a greener future.”

Delivering a speech at the summit, Mr. Song Jun Hwa, Director General of KDCEA shed his light on the current status and the outlook of South Korea's data center market. "With the accelerated digitalization and the increasing demand for cloud computing and data processing, the IDC industry is growing rapidly, "noted Mr. Song.  Commercial data centers grew by more than 11% to 37 facilities in 2021, consuming more than 400 megawatts of IT power. By 2025, 22 new commercial data centers are expected to be built, which will use more than 1,100 megawatts of IT power totally."


Mr. Zhang Fan, Vice President of Huawei Global Data Center Business


Mr. Zhang Fan, Vice President of Huawei Global Data Center Business said, Traditional data centers often face challenges of long construction time, huge energy consumption and low O&M efficiency. Huawei deeply integrates Watt, Heat and Bit flows to build smart, green and low carbon data centers, helping achieve optimal TCO during the data center's lifecycle.”

At the summit, Huawei highlighted the low-carbon, smart data center solution that features the integration of Watt, Heat, and Bit flows and architecture reshaping.

• Reshape Power: Huawei FusionPower6000 solution integrates the power links in data centers and improves the power efficiency from 94% to 97.8%, saving about US$200,000 in annual power costs.

• Reshape Cooling: Huawei Indirect Evaporative Cooling solution uses natural cooling sources and AI energy efficiency optimization to reduce the PUE from 1.45 to 1.20, saving about US$600,000 annually.

• Reshape O&M: Huawei iCooling builds an energy cloud to interconnect data center subsystems, improving O&M efficiency to 35% and saving O&M costs by about US$200,000 each year.

• Reshape Architecture: With the modular design and prefabricated production, Huawei's prefabricated modular data center solution can realize the engineering productization and shorten the data center construction period. It allows the data center operation revenue to be achieved one year ahead of schedule. Meanwhile, the construction process is environment-friendly and low-carbon, the recovery rate is up to 80%, and the carbon emission can be reduced by 7700 tons throughout the life cycle.

(Note: Calculated based on the 1500-cabinet data center model.)

In addition, industry experts shared their views about the development of the IDC industry and low-carbon data centers during the roundtable discussion on "Challenges and Opportunities of Building Future-Ready IDC".

South Korea is a global-leading digital economy with a booming data center industry. Looking forward to the future, Huawei will cooperate with customers, partners, and industry organizations with an open and cooperative attitude to contribute to the low-carbon and smart development of the data center industry in the country.