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Huawei and Orange Egypt Promise New Energy-efficient Networks at COP27

Nov 22, 2022

[Cairo, Egypt, November 22, 2022] Huawei and Orange Egypt have released a new plan for a green network during the COP27 Global Climate Conference. This plan targets improving network energy efficiency through the increase of green power usage to replace traditional fossil fuel power.

New ICT technologies are being used to support energy conservation and pollution reduction across numerous industries. Innovations in telecom networking, for example, can both reduce carbon emissions and deliver better experiences. By partnering with Orange Egypt, Huawei targets to increase eco-friendly energy production and further the industry's transition to green energy power supply and green electricity.

Huawei and Orange Egypt began POC testing using a hybrid power-saving and fuel-saving solution in 2019. The results of this test have exceeded expectations, cutting fuel consumption by around 60% and diesel generation run times by around 70%. Huawei also offers a number of hybrid battery and lithium battery solutions that it plans to roll out at hundreds of Orange Egypt locations to cut overall OPEX by around 40% and carbon emissions by around 45%.

Orange Egypt CTO Ayman Amiri said, "Orange Egypt will continue to promote a green ecological development strategy. With greater determination and strength, we will firmly implement the national strategy of actively combating climate change and work with Huawei to build a green and advanced network system with low-carbon development."

The President of Huawei's SingleRAN Product Line Jiang Xudong said, "Continuing our innovations in green equipment, green sites, and green networks will help operators increase network traffic while preventing an increase in energy consumption. It will also promote green 5G networks that are highly effective and developed with reduced carbon outputs."

Huawei Egypt's Carrier Business CEO Tim Zhou added, "As a reliable partner of operators in Egypt, Huawei will continue to provide innovative ICT solutions to help operators build efficient and green 5G networks, save energy, reduce emissions, and develop a green-based society."

Huawei and Orange Egypt have both committed to continuing working together to develop an innovative green energy system that allows them to further the use of green energy for power supply and green electricity.