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Huawei Proposes ‘GSSR’ Concept for Building Future-Proof Data Centers (at MWC2023)

Feb 28, 2023

[Barcelona, Spain, February 28, 2023] During the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023, Sun Xiaofeng, President of Huawei Data Center Facility and Critical Power Business Unit, proposes the concept of "GSSR" in his speech titled "Smart DC, Building the Green Future".


Sun Xiaofeng, President of Huawei Data Center Facility and Critical Power Business Unit


“Facing the computing power surge, four factors are essential to the data center of the intelligent era, namely carbon neutrality, business agility, O&M efficiency, and service availability. Huawei proposes the concept of "GSSR" (Green, Simple, Smart, Reliable) to build future-proof data centers and enable the sustainable development of the data center industry,” said Sun Xiaofeng.

Huawei's GSSR concept focuses on the following four key elements:

  • Green: Huawei data center solutions feature high energy efficiency, high density, and a small footprint. They offer end-to-end (E2E) carbon emissions reduction to maximize energy utilization and minimize environmental impact. Huawei's PowerPOD 3.0 solution integrates components and optimizes key nodes, requiring just 10 cabinets instead of 21. Plus, the S-ECO mode boosts the system efficiency from 95.4% to 98.4%.

  • Simple: With modularity and prefabrication, the solutions simplify both deployment and O&M. For example, as the modular data center solution, FusionModule2000 6.0 adopts an integrated and modular design. This means that a data center can be deployed in a single module. Compared with the traditional solution, the deployment period is shortened from 1 month to 7 days, achieving faster service rollout.

  • Smart: Huawei data center solutions enable intelligent O&M and optimize energy efficiency. Digital and AI technologies are used for remote inspection, fault identification & analysis. The iCooling solution diagnoses the energy consumption of cooling links in real time, determines the optimal cooling policy, and delivers it to the data center for execution, reducing the PUE by 8%–15%.

  • Reliable: Reliable architecture and preventive maintenance safeguard data centers. The iPower predicts the service life of key components and reports high-temperature warnings using AI, enabling predictive maintenance.

Sun Xiaofeng's presentation at MWC 2023 highlights Huawei's commitment to driving sustainability in the data center industry. The GSSR concept serves as a guide for the company to create green, smart, and future-proof data centers, setting a new standard for the industry.