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Dear Madam/Sir, We are delighted to invite you to the 8th Global ICT Energy Efficiency Summit 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand on May 9. As we enter a more intelligent world, it is more challenging than ever to manage soaring energy costs and consumption in ICT infrastructure, which is essential for network evolution. Leveraging low-carbon, digital, and intelligent technologies is critical for ICT energy innovation and iteration. End-to-end solutions, such as simplified site construction, green power supply, integrated energy storage, and intelligent management, will enable operators to build green and low-carbon ICT networks. Operators will also transition from energy consumers to energy producers, opening up a realm of new possibilities. The summit is a key platform for communication across various regions and organizations in the ICT energy sector. It will attract globally renowned operators, enterprise leaders, industry experts, and authoritative organizations. Together, we will explore the latest industry insights, successful practices, and innovative technologies and solutions to shape the future of green and low-carbon networks. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to seeing you in Bangkok.
Charles Yang
President, Global Marketing and Sales Services,Huawei Digital Power


The 8th Global ICT Efficiency Summit

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Global ICT Energy Efficiency Summit

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Location: Thailand, Bangkok