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Huawei Smart Energy Solution Enabling Telecom Operators' Transition from Energy Consumers to Prosumers

Feb 27, 2024

[Barcelona, Spain, February 26, 2024] At Mobile World Congress 2024, Li Shaolong, President of Huawei Site Power Facility Domain, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Huawei Smart Energy Solution Enabling Telecom Operators' Transition from Energy Consumers to Prosumers."

According to Li Shaolong, operators played a role of energy consumers before. However, with the development of new business models such as PV deployment and virtual power plant (VPP) services at sites, energy infrastructure on operators' networks no longer consume power merely, but can generate power for scheduling. In this way, operators can evolve from energy consumers to prosumers, facilitating the industry to go green.


Li Shaolong, President of Site Power Domain, Huawei Digital PowerLi Shaolong, President of Site Power Domain, Huawei Digital Power


For Energy Consumers: E2E Efficient Power Consumption Solution

For energy consumers, Huawei provides an E2E efficient power consumption solution to help operators build green and low-carbon 4G/5G networks with lowest total cost of operation (TCO).

  • Efficient components: Intelligent circuit breakers and rectifiers with 98% efficiency at sites contribute to efficient and intelligent power consumption.

  • Efficient equipment: Sites are simplified based on the "one cabinet per site" and "one blade per site" design. Air conditioner cooling is replaced with natural cooling. The efficient equipment improves site energy efficiency (SEE) from 60% to 97%, and requires no maintenance.

  • Efficient solution: The hybrid power supply solution supports multiple energy sources and intelligent scheduling, improving stability of power supply to sites and reducing levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) and carbon emissions.

  • Efficient management: The three-layer indicator management system of SEE, network energy efficiency (NEE), and network carbon emission intensity (NCIe) guides the low-carbon site construction from extensive to refined mode. The NetEco solution intelligently manages all aspects of telecom energy networks, implementing remote O&M and visualized management and optimization of energy efficiency and carbon emissions.

For Energy Producers: Energy Production and Scheduling

For energy producers, Huawei helps operators deploy PV modules and use the VPP technology to aggregate site energy storage resources and participate in power market services for saving power and increasing benefits.

  • Energy production: High-voltage series connection of PV modules and N-in-one PV controllers are used at iSolar sites. The simple deployment of PV modules can reduce cable and engineering costs by 15%. iPV optimizers optimize each PV module independently, reducing energy yield losses caused by shading and increasing energy yields by 20%. The intelligent algorithm for PV+energy storage collaboration can achieve 100% integration of PV power.

  • Energy scheduling: CloudLi intelligent lithium batteries enable site energy storage to evolve from power backup to intelligent energy storage, leveraging the value of energy storage resources. In power backup scenarios, features such as intelligent voltage boosting, intelligent peak shaving, and intelligent hybrid use of energy are incorporated in Huawei's solution to implement intelligent intra-site collaboration, reducing end-to-end investment in energy storage. In energy cycling scenarios, intelligent site-grid collaboration is implemented, and peak staggering is used to reduce electricity fees. In addition, the energy storage resources can become part of a VPP to facilitate grid power regulation. Such an innovative business model will generate new benefits.

Believing in openness, cooperation, and win-win, Huawei Site Power Facility promotes industry development and creates a green future with global operators and tower vendors.