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Home Embedded Power Consumer Electronics 57.5W 1A1C Wired DC-DC Fast Charging Module

Technical Specifications


Model CYDC57D1205G0
Dimensions (L*W*H) 25.30mm*77.60mm*19.70mm
Protocol SCP, PD3.0/PPS, QC2.0
Output port USB-C*1, USB-A*1
Rated output power by protocol USB-C:
40W Max (10V4A)
17.5W (5V3.5A)
USB-C and USB-A:
Max 57.5W (40W+17.5W)
Input voltage 10.8V DC~30V DC(Rated 12V DC/24V DC)
Input current ≤7A
Note: The module is designed to be compatible with the PD/PPS, QC2.0 protocol, QC2.0 supports 5V/9V/12V output voltage.

Recommended Products

•Max. 40W •SCP/QC 2.0 •Compact and easy to integrate

•Max. 45W •Supporting PD/PPS/SCP/QC 2.0 protocols •Power density inceased by 275%

•Max. 65W •Supporting PD/PPS/SCP/QC 2.0 protocols for multiple brands and devices •Charging capability of any port ≥ 40W