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Huawei FusionPower6000 3.0 and FusionCol8000-C Receive World's First TIA-942 Rated 1 to 4 Product Certifications

Feb 7, 2024

[SINGAPORE, 8 FEB 2024] Huawei, a global information and communication technology (ICT) leader, announced that its FusionPower6000 3.0 and FusionCol8000-C products have recently received the TIA-942 Rated 1 to 4 Product Certifications by EPI Certification Pte Ltd (EPI), the world’s leading data center certification authority. These certifications mark Huawei’s FusionPower6000 3.0 as the world’s first data center power distribution product and FusionCol8000-C as the first data center fan wall product to meet the stringent TIA-942 standard.

The TIA-942 standard, developed by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and awarded by EPI, is the most complete data center standard in the world. It provides comprehensive guidelines for the telecommunications infrastructure of data centers, and covers the nine essential elements for a 24/7 mission-critical infrastructure. It also stands out as the only data center facilities standard in the world with an official accreditation.

Achieving TIA-942 is a major landmark to Huawei’s data center products, it underscores the exceptional reliability and availability of these two Huawei products, and demonstrates Huawei’s strong commitment to upkeep the high standard of its data center products by consistently providing the highest levels of reliability and availability to its partners and customers.



Simplified Power Supply: Huawei FusionPower6000 3.0 Provides Uninterrupted Power for Data centers

In the era of intelligent computing, computing power equates to productivity. Data centers, serving as the core infrastructure, play a crucial role in converting electricity into computing power, maximizing the computational capacity of each watt. As the "power heart" of the data center, the reliability of the power supply and distribution system is essential for ensuring continuous and uninterrupted business operations.

Traditional power supply system in large data centers often adopt the UPS parallel system and lead-acid battery solution. This setup involves numerous complex devices from different manufacturers, presenting challenges such as intricate on-site installation and commissioning, as well as elevated safety risks.

In contrast, Huawei FusionPower6000 3.0, an innovative pre-fabricated solution, is engineered to minimize the footprint of power supply and distribution systems - by nearly 30%. This design aims to enhance system efficiency, significantly reduce the delivery time from 2 months to 2 weeks, and streamline manufacturing, installation and maintenance efforts.



In terms of system reliability and maintainability, Huawei FusionPower6000 3.0 features a modular design, hot-swap maintenance, quick 5-minute replacement, and plug-and-play functionality. Its iPower intelligent feature provides functions such as full-link visualization, AI-based temperature prediction and lifespan prediction for key components, improving the reliability of the power supply and distribution system of the data center.

Ultimate Efficiency: Huawei FusionCol8000-C Maximizes Chilled Water System Energy Efficiency

The widespread adoption of large language models (LLM) has led to the extensive construction of AI computing data centers, imposing higher demand on date center energy efficiency and reliability. The most effective method to reduce data center energy consumption is to maximize the cooling system’s energy efficiency.

In areas with higher average annual temperatures, the efficiency of the cooling system generally increases by 3% for every 1°C rise in water temperature. In tropical areas, including the Asia-Pacific region, a high-temperature chilled water fan wall has become the preferred chilled water terminal solution.

In a traditional chilled water system, the incoming water temperature at the computer room air handler (CRAH) generally ranges between 7℃ to 15℃. This low water temperature limits the optimization of Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). Additionally, the chilled water system often requires the installation of a raised floor, leading to higher capital expenditure (CAPEX).

Huawei FusionCol8000-C, an innovative in-room horizontal airflow chilled-water cooling solution for medium and large data centers, supports higher water temperatures without the need for a raised floor. It is engineered, and is designed to deliver superior cooling efficiency to data centers.



Compared to traditional in-room downdraft air conditioners, Huawei FusionCol8000-C has a 50% larger heat exchange area, a 40% increase in air supply volume, and an inlet water temperature of up to 20℃. As a result, the power consumption of the chiller is reduced by 15%, effectively reducing the overall energy consumption of the chilled water system by more than 20%. Additionally, with a fully modular design, the fan drive is hot-swappable, significantly enhancing maintenance efficiency. The innovative product architecture ensures uninterrupted cooling during active/standby power switching to prevent servers from overheating. Huawei FusionCol8000-C adopts a groundbreaking architecture, guaranteeing zero cooling interruption during dual power switching.

Both Huawei FusionPower6000 3.0 and FusionCol8000-C have successfully passed the TIA-942 Rated 1 to 4 product certifications. This achievement marks a significant step toward Huawei’s data center product solutions achieving full-chain reliability. Looking ahead, Huawei will leverage on its highly reliable products and professional services to assist global customers in building a green and reliable data center, powering the digital era forward.