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Huawei Digital Power Vision

Integrating digital and power electronics technologies, developing clean power, and enabling energy digitalization to drive energy revolution for a better , greener future

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Huawei Digital Power Technologies Co., Ltd. (Huawei Digital Power for short) is a leading global provider of digital power products and solutions. We are committed to integrating digital and power electronics technologies, developing clean power, and enabling energy digitalization to drive energy revolution for a better, greener future. In the clean power generation sector, we help create new power systems that primarily rely on renewable energy. In the mobility electrification sector, we enhance the consumer driving and charging experience in electric vehicles (EVs), accelerating green traveling. In the green ICT power infrastructure sector, we help build green, low-carbon, and intelligent data centers and communications networks. Huawei Digital Power continues innovating through open collaboration with global partners to promote carbon neutrality. Huawei Digital Power serves more than three billion people across more than 170 countries and regions.

  • 2,1222,122 patents
  • 1212 R&D centers
  • 170+Presence in 170+ countries and regions
  • 1/3Serving one third of the world's population

Openness, Collaboration, and Shared Success

Huawei Digital Power adheres to an open ecosystem strategy of "hardware openness, software openness, and multi-level cooperation with industries, and works with partners to build ecosystems for industries, products, and technologies to drive the sustainable development of the energy industry.


  • Wins the Intersolar Award.
  • Publishes the book Value Symbiosis: Carbon Neutrality in the Digital Era.
  • Launches the Intelligent VPP Solution.
  • Helps Yalong Hydro build the world's largest and highest-altitude hydro-solar hybrid power plant.
  • Wins the awards "Leading Enterprise of High-Power DC Charging Technology for Charging Facilities of China" and "Leading Enterprise of Liquid Cooling Technology for Charging Facilities of China."
  • Wins the 2023 Best System Integration Solution Supplier Award and 2023 Best C&I Energy Storage Solution Award.
  • Receives the industry's first Prefabricated Data Center Power Module Certification.
  • Launches the FusionSolar Grid-Forming Solution.
  • Launches the DriveONE next-generation hyper-converged golden power platform.
  • Launches the next-generation fully liquid-cooled ultra-fast charging architecture.
  • Receives the world's first technical certification for Smart String-Level Disconnect (SSLD).
  • Completes the empirical test of FusionSolar Grid-Forming Solution with China Resources.
  • Publishes top 10 industry trends and white papers of Digital Power businesses.
  • Launches the data center facility partner policy, next-generation smart module 6.0, and small SmartLi UPS solution.
  • Wins the 2021 Tech Innovation Breakthrough Enterprise Award for Automotive NVH and Acoustic System for DriveONE.
  • Receives the 2021 Global Site Power Technology Leadership Award for iSitePower from Frost & Sullivan.
  • Launches AITO M7 equipped with the DriveONE extended range ePowertrain platform.
  • Receives the Carbon Footprint Verification for FusionSolar from the British Standards Institution (BSI).
  • AVATR 11 equipped with Huawei's DriveONE e-mobility high-voltage full-stack solution makes its debut at the Chongqing International Auto Show.
  • Launches next-generation 40 kW DC charging modules for EV charging infrastructure.
  • Receives the "Data Center Facilities Vendor of the Year" award from DCS Awards.
  • Launches the next-generation data center concept and brand-new power supply solution FusionPower6000 3.0.
  • Signs a strategic cooperation agreement with Yalong Hydro to build a world-class energy base integrating hydro, wind, and solar power.
  • Helps Three Gorges Group build the largest green zero-carbon data center cluster in Central China.
  • Huawei SmartDC low-carbon green data center solution is listed in China's national recommended catalog of energy-saving technologies and products.
  • June: Establishes as Huawei Digital Power Technologies.
  • Launches All-Scenario Smart PV & Storage Solution.
  • Receives the WWF Climate Solver Award.
  • Wins contract for Saudi Arabia Red Sea 1.3 GWh Energy Storage Project, the world's largest microgrid.
  • Launches the industry's first power domain full-stack high-voltage platform solution for AI-assisted flash charging.
  • Launches the FusionDC 3.0 prefabricated modular data center solution.
  • Helps customer build the largest PV-powered data center in the Middle East and Africa.
  • Wins the Global NEVs Cutting-edge and Innovative Technologies Award for AI BMS.
  • Builds China's first nearly zero-energy facility with the Co-Mind + Smart PV & ESS solution for Shenzhen International Low Carbon City (ILCC).
  • Builds an iSuperSite showcase together with China Mobile Zhejiang and China Mobile Design Institute by replacing six cabinets with one and deploying PV plus energy storage.
  • Launches the third-generation 12 kW blade power supply products.
  • May: Renames Huawei Network Energy Product Line to Huawei Digital Power Product Line.
  • Launches CloudLi, Huawei's fifth-generation cloud-based lithium battery solution.
  • Pioneers X-in-1 ePowertrain DriveONE.
  • Publishes Top 10 Trends of Digital Power.
  • Tops the global market share of prefabricated modular data center solutions for 6 consecutive years according to Omdia.
  • Connects the world's largest 2.2 GW PV plant to the grid in Gonghe County, Qinghai Province.
  • Is the first company in the industry to obtain TÜV SÜD charging module certification for HiCharger.
  • Huawei MCU passes TÜV function safety certification for its management system, mass-produced product, and expert team in the shortest time.
  • Launches 5G eMIMO Power, an innovative solution that uses one cabinet per site.
  • Launches the FusionSolar 6.0 Smart PV Solution, which uses the industry's first Smart DC System to ensure the optimal adaptation of bifacial PV modules and features a smart grid-connection algorithm.
  • Wins the Intersolar 2019 Winner Award for its distributed solar inverters.
  • Launches Leading Smart DC, the first innovative ecosystem cooperation research program for data centers.
  • Wins Global Smart Data Center Technology Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan.
  • Cooperates with GSMA to establish the GIE Working Group that promotes the healthy development of the telecom power industry.
  • Publishes the 5G power white paper to promote new 5G power standards in Europe and beyond.
  • Launches the SmartLi solution for data centers.
  • Launches Smart DC 3.0 @AI solution to transition from modular to intelligent data centers.
  • Receives the world's first PUE test certificate for smart module products.
  • Deploys the world's first five-story building-level prefabricated modular data center with FusionDC for Huawei Cloud.
  • Launches the mPower vehicle charging solution to accelerate electrified transportation with automobile manufacturers.
  • Launches the E2E 5G power solution with indoor and outdoor blades for fast and easy deployment.
  • Wins the Best Sustainable Power Solution Award from AfricaCom for its hybrid power solutions, which minimize the use of genset and replace lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries for telecom sites.
  • Launches the AI-powered 1500 V Smart PV solution.
  • Receives the Technology Excellence (Modular Deployment) and Technology Progress (Product R&D) awards for the Tianjin Zhenyun data center project and FusionModule800/500 smart modular data centers at the Annual Forum on Data Center Standardization Construction.
  • Receives the world's first TIER-Ready certificate from the Uptime Institute for FusionModule2000.
  • Launches the Huawei Residential Smart PV solution.
  • Deploys SmartSite in Indonesia, Pakistan, Peru, and the Philippines.
  • Deploys BoostLi in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East regions.
  • Secures over 65% of market share among Forerunner projects (phase II) with Smart PV Solution.
  • Obtains ITU-T certification for Site Energy Efficiency (SEE) and becomes international standard.
  • Receives Modular UPS Company of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan.
  • Wins Industry Awards 2016 – green initiative of the year from TowerXchange for telecom power facilities.
  • Launches the UPS5000-S, Smart Module 2.0, and ICT Prefabricated Modular Solution.
  • Launches the FusionSolar 3.0 Smart PV Solution and Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis to boost the inspection efficiency of PV plants.
  • Launches the Smart Modular Data Center Solution, which uses cold and hot airflow containment and in-row inverter air conditioners to reduce PUE.
  • Leads China's modular data center industry with 14.6% market share according to ICTresearch.
  • Helps customer build China's largest prefabricated modular data center.
  • Ranks first with over 50% market share among initial Datong PV Forerunner projects.
  • Receives the TÜV All Quality Matters award for Smart PV.
  • Ranks first globally by IHS in solar inverter shipments.
  • Launches FusionSolar 2.0, which integrates digital technologies such as 4G LTE, cloud, and power line communication (PLC) into PV to facilitate intelligent industry upgrade.
  • Deploys telecom power modules with 98% efficiency in tier-1 carriers.
  • Launches 97%-efficient modular UPS at INTELEC 2014.
  • Receives the Best Energy Partner award at the global energy summit in Europe.
  • Launches FusionSolar 1.0, conceptualizing Smart PV for the new era.
  • Passes German testing and European tier-1 carrier admission of rectifier modules with the industry's highest efficiency of 98%.
  • Launches MTS9000A, the next-generation smart telecom power solution.
  • Launches a rectifier module with the industry's highest efficiency of 98%.
  • Receives the Data Center Product Excellence Award 2012–2013 for UPS5000-E.
  • Builds a warehouse modular data center for China Mobile Heilongjiang that is awarded DCD Green Data Center.
  • Receives the Photon A+/A+ certificate for SUN2000-20KTL solar inverters ranked No. 1 in efficiency.
  • Deploys the first grid hybrid and diesel hybrid power solutions with lithium batteries in Pakistan, becoming the world's first supplier with deployment of lithium batteries at carrier sites.
  • Tops the global new market share of site power according to Frost & Sullivan.
  • Receives the Green Technology Award for the integrated energy-saving site solution at CommunicAsia.
  • Becomes the first vendor in the Asia-Pacific region and world pioneer in UPS Energy Star certification from UL.
  • Receives the DCD Blueprint Award for the prefabricated modular data center solution.
  • Is renamed as Network Energy Product Line.
  • Delivers primary power products to five major telecom operators in Europe including Vodafone.
  • Deploys the diesel-grid hybrid power solution in West Africa.
  • September: Establishes the Energy & Infrastructure Product Line.