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Ubiquitous Fast Charging for a Convenient Life

Jan 11, 2021

[Cixi, China, January 11, 2021] Bull Group Co., Ltd. ("Bull") signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei Digital Power Product Line ("Huawei Digital Power") and launched its first product that supports HUAWEI SuperCharge. The two parties will use their advantages in consumer electronics to promote technological innovation and build an ecosystem for fast charging. This will enable consumers conveniently anywhere.

Ruan Liping, Chairman and President of Bull Group, Zhou Taoyuan, President of Huawei Digital Power Product Line, and associated personnel attended the signing ceremony. On behalf of both parties, Wang Qingwang, General Manager of the Digital Business Unit of Bull Group, and Zhang Feng, Vice President of Huawei Digital Power Product Line, signed the agreement.


Bull and Huawei Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement


In the 5G era, smart phones bring convenience to our life (such as payment, navigation, entertainment), but it is a challenge to equip smart phones with lasting batteries to tackle the ever-increasing power consumption. Ubiquitous fast charging is the key to ease the "low battery anxiety". The cooperation between Bull and Huawei Digital Power is a shot in the arm for the "Fast Charging era", further accelerating industry development and bringing consumers a brand new fast charging experience.

Mr. Ruan said in his speech, "Huawei is a great company which has power supply units for consumer electronics featuring fast charge, high density, and safety. Huawei has various wired and wireless SuperCharge solutions with multiple power levels and is continuously evolving its products to increase the charging speed. Bull is a company with an ambitious vision. In 2016, it proposed a "Digital Excellence Strategy" to focus on the digital accessories market and provide stable, reliable and portable fast-charging digital products. Due to the combined force of our strengths, our products will provide better experience for consumers. Bull looks forward to more in-depth cooperation with Huawei in the future."


Ruan Liping, Chairman and President of Bull Group, delivering a speech


"From the traditional utilization of electrical power to smart power usage, Bull caters to market trends, deeply explores consumer needs, maximizes product safety and quality, and continuously pursues innovation. Bull is a pioneer in the electrical industry, and Huawei is leading the core power electronics and communications fields. The Bull and Huawei alliance is among the fittest. Our cooperation starts from consumer electronics and will surely bring more quality products and provides convenient fast charging for consumers everywhere. The in-depth cooperation between Bull and Huawei Digital Power will produce fruitful results, and Huawei will give Bull a leg up on their digitalization and intelligentization in the electrical field." said Zhou Taoyuan, President of Huawei Digital Power Product Line.


Zhou Taoyuan, President of Huawei Digital Power Product Line, delivering a speech


The signing ceremony also revealed the first Bull fast charger equipped with the Huawei SuperCharge module and new product plans, including portable multi-port SuperCharge and multi-functional Magic Cube, to provide safe and comfortable charging in various scenarios.


First Bull fast charger equipped with the Huawei SuperCharge module


Huawei Digital Power adheres to its idea of "Leading Energy Digitalization for a Smart and Sustainable World" and "extending roots deep into the soil", and continuously invests in research. While providing modular power for customers to develop digital solutions with high efficiency, density, and reliability, Huawei continuously moves forward with partners, serving various industries.

Huawei Digital Power proposes a "2+N+X" strategy in the consumer electronics field. 2 refers to wired and wireless fast charging technologies, and N and X refer to integration into N products (such as power strips, wall outlets, and desk lamps) for X scenarios (including home, hotel, office, and vehicle). The strategic cooperation between Huawei and Bull marks the beginning of a fast charging ecosystem. Huawei will continue to cooperate with industry-leading consumer electronics partners in various scenarios and product forms to make fast charging ubiquitous and provide consumers with superior charging experiences anytime, anywhere.