Service partners face-to-face - West European PV partners meet

May 18, 2022

Intersolar 2022 is the largest new energy exhibition in Europe and an exchange event for PV channel partners.During the exhibition, Deng Liming, the Global Photovoltaic Service Representative of the Digital Energy Technology Support & Operation Dept, had a pleasant exchange with the largest partners in Europe and Europe.Under the new energy revolution trend in Europe, the total installed PV capacity has increased exponentially in the past few years. In addition, PV applications in household and industrial and commercial scenarios have become popular, and users and business models are significantly different from those in power plants.Energy storage has also become an emerging market favored by channel partners.


Talk to partners about energy services:
1. Value of services in the new energy industry chain
2. In the process of new energy transformation, how to change the service business model from decreasing product profits to the value of service and software features?
3. How to ensure services and prevent the security of emerging energy storage from becoming a source of attacks by competitors?
4. How to build the "last-mile" installer ecosystem and provide incentives for channel partners?


Partner: Photomate

Since 2008, we have established a regional leadership position in solar inverters for commercial and residential customers.Our team consists of more than 85 employees active in 25 countries.

Photomate uses the revolutionary Huawei FusionSolar battery Luna2000 to provide a 5 kWh to 30 kWh energy storage solution.Our goal is to provide our customers in Central and Eastern Europe, Nordic, Caucasus and Central Asia with smart and reliable solar equipment and maximum technical support.


Photomate says the growth of the market makes the safety and security of energy storage services particularly important.Huawei's digital features ensure energy storage security.The service team has a very important responsibility.


Partner: Wattkraft

The Watcraft Group was founded in 2012 and used to be a company dealing in photovoltaic modules.Operates in two business areas: distribution and product integration.Wattkraft is a successful and growing distributor headquartered in Hanover, Germany.We specialize in inverters, photovoltaic modules and electrical accessories.We also offer integrated system solutions, particularly in the areas of system monitoring and necessary remote control technology.We are reliable and dedicated brand ambassadors.Whether in the area of component distribution or system integration, the Wattkraft Group specializes in key components produced by reputable manufacturers.


Franciso, the sales director, agreed that Huawei's current service sales mode is from basic packages to value-added features. Currently, the supply of PV products exceeds the demand. Services play an important role in increasing customer loyalty. At present, customer loyalty is the most important barrier in the fiercely competitive market.Large-scale power plants are far less cost-sensitive than household users. Household loyalty is building brand stickiness as well as 2C.




SKE is a partner in photovoltaic solutions

Huawei FusionSolar.

As Huawei's value-added partner, SKE Solar is bringing this technology to a broad market in Central and Eastern Europe.Installers, wholesalers and end customers all benefit from a comprehensive range of products.Thanks to a high degree of specialization, solutions are now available for almost every need.

The key to a profitable system is the right combination of components: inverters, power storage, optimizers, and companies.SKE Solar's services are not limited to providing technology.Quality services focused on the needs of individual customers make the difference.This training course teaches users or resellers how to use Huawei Fusion Solar most efficiently.

We also have comprehensive advice on choosing the right components, culminating in the fine-tuning of Huawei's solar systems - with all the benefits from solar power generation and distribution to storage and smart consumption.

As Huawei's VAP certified partner, SKE has also grasped the pulse of new developments, providing new ideas and developments related to efficient solar technology to customers in contract fields from Albania to Cyprus.

We provide online technical support, training, and seminars for Huawei FusionSolar products and solutions in Europe.If you have any enquiries, our team of experienced experts are at your disposal.

SKE and Digital Energy Services continue to seek cooperation opportunities on providing services to better ensure customer experience, especially providing more energy storage services.