Critical Power Supply

Critical manufacturing devices are threatened by the power supply availability at all the times. The power surges and harmonics may cause damage or shutdown of the production devices, which result in huge economic loss. Therefore, it is important to guarantee the availability and reliability of the power supply to protect against the power supply irregularities.


Reliable: Full-chain active prediction, visible and manageable; all redundancy design, no single point of failure of system
Green: Higher efficiency@low load rate, improving efficiency by 7%+
Simple: Hot-swapable module design, 5 minutes maintenance

Enterprise Data Center

The digital transformation of the manufacturing industry is an inevitable trend. Data centers are the foundation of manufacturing enterprise digital transformation. Therefore, the data center facility should be simple, green, smart and reliable.


Simple: Modular & prefabricated design enables fast delivery and on-demand deployment
Green: Ultimate PUE as low as 1.111@ Beijing
Smart: Intelligent O&M, improving O&M efficiency by 35%
Reliable: Uptime Tier IV Ready certification for modular data center, ensuring stability and reliability

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